Woman Eating Chicken At McDonalds Bit In And Found Disgusting Surprise

A woman from Wales went to her local McDonalds for a bite to eat. She ordered a breaded chicken sandwich and sat down with her meal to dig in. Unfortunately, after taking a bit, it left her with an odd taste in her mouth. Then she looked down and saw something that ruined her appetite.

Laura Twomey from Cymmer, a small village in Neath Port Talbot, found disgusting that she couldn't even identify in her chicken sandwich. A red, slimy thing was embedded in the met.

"It seemed normal until I tasted something slimy and when I looked down, that's what I saw," she said.

Twomey was repulsed by the bloody-looking unidentified object and complained to the restaurant. The staff say that there is nothing wrong with the meat. The object is just a blood vessel, which is natural in chicken and completely harmless.

Twomey isn't relieved. She is still very disgusted from seeing what she ate. "I thought it was raw at first. I was violently sick as soon as I saw this. Never have I had a problem with the chicken here before," she tells WalesOnline. ""Luckily I felt something and that's when I looked down... Not only will I not be going to McDonald’s again, I honestly think I wouldn't be able to stomach chicken again."

Blood vessel or not, Twomey demanded a refund from the restaurant, but they refused to give her one. They told her they were sending the food out for investigation purposes.

Twomey contacted McDonald’s corporate office to complain. After she explained the situation, she was offered a food voucher worth £5, about the equivalent of $6.50 U.S. dollars.

To Twomey, it was just adding insult to injury.

"I won't be accepting the food voucher. All I wanted was a refund and an investigation so this doesn't happen again," she said.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s responded publicly to the incident. "Food quality and safety are of the utmost importance to us," said a statement.

"We place great emphasis on quality control and follow rigorous standards in order to avoid any imperfections. We’re sorry that this wasn’t up to standard this time around, and are aware of the customer’s complaint. When they returned their meal we provided an apology as well as a replacement order and full refund, which was declined by the customer. Our customer services team is now in touch with them."

With a restaurant chain as big as McDonald’s, serving about 68 million people per day world-wide, it is inevitable that quality control slips up every now and then.

Once a woman in Illinois found a used band-aid in her fries.

One family in Texas had to stop for fast food but still wanted to be healthy, so they ordered wraps. Unfortunately, what they found wrapped, mixed in with the lettuce, was a small, dead rat.

A Canadian man was horrified to taste peppermint when he bit into his McDonald's burger. He found a piece of discarded chewing gum has gotten mixed into his sandwich.

The lesson is clear: eat at fast food chains at your own risk, and always examine your food before you start eating.

Source: Wales Online
Photos: Grub Grade, Anthony92931

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