Woman Dubbed The ‘Queen Of Benefits’ Just Got Caught Doing Something Despicable

Britain’s 'most shameless mom' has stirred much controversy and drawn much criticism. The mother of 12 (who hopes to continue having more children), rakes in nearly $50,000 per year in benefits, and boasts about buying expensive gifts and vacation packages. She's now facing jail for being involved in the theft of nearly $13,000 from parking machines.

Cheryl Prudham, 36, pleaded guilty to charges that she handled stolen money. The money was allegedly stolen by her estranged husband, the baby daddy of at least 6 of her children. Robert Prudham has been charged for stealing bills and coins from cars and parking machines, totally thousands of dollars.

Prudham threw her husband out when she learned he was involved in a threesome affair with his cousin. She had been planning to get a 'boob job' and to get a sperm donor for a 13th child. She was spotted shopping for a Mercedes before being arrested.

Now, the most despised mom in England will be sentenced next month. Mr. Prudham will be sentenced separately. It's unclear yet what will become of the 12 children.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: SWNS/MailOnline

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