Woman Confesses To A 50-Year-Old Secret, Her Husband Loses His Mind

An elderly man found out his wife had an affair more than 50 years ago. In a blind rage, he abused her in horrific, unthinkable ways.

George Kephart, 78, learned that his 78-year-old wife may have had an affair decades ago. The woman, who is disabled and has dementia, let it slip that she was with another man in the 1960s. Kephart beat his victim, tried to strangle her and inserted a hot curling iron up her vagina.

The victim's caretaker alerted her son and authorities of the suspected abuse when she arrived at the home to perform her duties. Paramedics arrived and transported her to the hospital, where the abusive attack was confirmed.

According to the victim, Kephart has always been abusive towards her and she's feared him for many years. She told investigators that she hated him.

“[Kephart] is a round, short, little guy who is ready to explode at any moment. I’m surprised he didn’t do it earlier because he’s really frustrated with the wife," said a neighbor. "The wife is a very sick woman. She is not moving, she is on oxygen, she needs help to do her regular things in life and the guy is just really fed up.”

Kephart was charged with first-degree sex offense, first-degree assault and vulnerable adult abuse. He could face life in prison if convicted.

Source: The Inquisitr
Photo: The Inquisitr

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