Woman Caught On Camera Hurting Herself In Bid To Collect Workers' Comp

It’s an expensive world that we live in, and we all have those moments where we wonder why everything costs so much. While there’s plenty of different reasons for that, one of the major reasons comes courtesy of the insurance industry.

As we all know, insurance for just about anything is downright expensive. Whether you’re talking about health, auto, home, life or anything else you want to ensure is covered in the event of a disaster, you can expect to pay through the nose for it.

That’s not only true at the individual level. Businesses across the nation count insurance as one of their largest expenses. Similar to a household budget, it can be tough for a business to find enough to make ends meet once expenses are met for the month.

In both situations, that problem is amplified by insurance costs. There’s plenty of fingers that can be pointed as to why that’s the case - outrageous hospital costs, egregious repair bills, etc - but one of those fingers can be pointed directly back at consumers as well.

Worker’s compensation insurance is an absolutely massive expense for employers. In essence, the insurance is meant to cover claims for injuries that are suffered by employees on the job.

As intended, it serves its purpose on both ends of the equation. When it’s abused, the expenses are magnified tenfold for everybody.

As Fox News Insider shares, there are a ton of outrageous examples of employees abusing the system to score a massive payday from their employers. Those paydays are paid out by the insurance companies, and they pass the expense on with ridiculous premiums that businesses are forced to pay in order to make sure all of their bases are covered.

One example of Worker’s Comp fraud has been making the rounds out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. An employee, Sheyla Veronica White, was captured on camera inflicting pain upon herself and then filing a claim.

A sprinkler had fallen on her desk, and she proceeded to bash herself on the head with it.

Lt. Doreen Rivera of the Florida Dept. of Financial Services' Fraud Division notes that businesses have no choice but to carry the insurance, but this stunning video provides a perfect example of why it costs so much.

“Not having it is a felony and not having it is serious. And why is it serious? Because if a worker gets injured on the job and there's no coverage, they're going to have to cover their own medical costs and those medical bills can, you know, be staggering,” she said.

The employee was busted in the subsequent investigation and sentenced to 18 months of probation, but it’s not like that will magically translate into a credit for the business or other consumers. As with most things in life, a few rotten apples can lead to serious consequences for the rest of us.

“When they're defrauded, eventually that cost is going to trickle to higher premiums to businesses and trickle down to consumers as well,” Rivera added.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photos: Fox News Screenshot, WPTV, Fox13, Broward County Sheriff's Office

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