Woman Abducted And Held Captive in House of Horrors

On Friday, Mario Perez-Roque, 56 was arrested on charges of false imprisonment and simple kidnapping. He had shown interest in a 36-year-old co-worker. When she refused his advances, he kidnapped her from her home on Martinique Avenue in New Orleans and was taken to his rear apartment in a shotgun home. Luckily, she was able to free herself and run.

Kenner police Lt Brian McGregor said, "We found restraints. They've got false walls and everything else inside the house. That's pretty much what it is, a house of horrors. Who wants to be restrained? Who wants to be tied up in somebody else's house?"

Perez-Roque had kidnapped the woman from her home. He then gagged her, placed a bag over her head and tied her to a chair inside his apartment. The woman told police that she heard two men whispering in Spanish about leaving the apartment.

When she freed herself, she found she was sitting directly across from a picture of herself. As she ran, one of the men saw her and started chasing her. A Good Samaritan intervened.

Gary Messina was driving down the street, with his wife and son, when he noticed the frantic woman being chased by the man. He knew something was wrong.

Messina said, "I just jumped out of the car to try to stop the guy from pulling her back. As soon as I jumped out of the car he looked at me and he had her around the neck in a headlock and just wasn't going to let her go." Messina then yelled that police were on their way, and the man fled.

When police arrived, the woman led them to the home where she was held captive. The apartment included hidden compartments, false doors and cameras behind two-way mirrors. In addition, the police found numerous videotapes and DVDs of interest. Perez-Roque was tracked down late Friday in nearby Metairie, Louisiana.

Photo: Korked Bats, Daily Mail

Man kidnaps co-worker and takes her to a house of horrors.

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