Woman’s Dark Secret Exposed After She Sells Herself On Craigslist

The Gaylord Police Department in Michigan is trying to track down men who paid for sex with a notorious Craigslist prostitute. They said they're not looking to arrest the men, but to warn them that their health may be at risk.

Angelina Mendoza, 36, had been soliciting sex on Craigslist for some time. According to her account, more than 70 people had contacted her regarding her ad. Police aren't sure how many of those people followed through and actually paid for sex, but they're hoping to find them all. They have some bad news for the men.

Mendoza was arrested on an unrelated charge in a motel, and was entertaining a client at the time. She failed to disclose to the man that she is HIV positive.

"When police told him He was surprised he of course had no idea he had been exposed to that," said Sgt. Frank Claeys of the GPD.

Police are hoping to reach all the men who might have been in contact with Mendoza. They say they don't plan to arrest them, and they might be called as witnesses.

Mendoza has been charged with 17 felony counts that include failure to disclose HIV/AIDS. People infected with the disease are required by law to notify the health department and all partners, past and future, in order to prevent the virus from spreading.

Source: Up North Live

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