Wife Surprises Her Husband With A Huge Surprise - But There’s One Catch

A story has been going around on the internet for years now. If there is a seed of truth to it, we'll probably never know. But we all do dumb things sometimes, which is why it's so easy to laugh at this one.

The story involves a wife rushing to tell her husband some joyful news. As soon as he walks through the door she greets him and tells him she's pregnant.

"I grabbed a pregnancy test at the drug store today, and it's positive!" she said, bouncing with excitement.

The husband hugs his wife and tells her he's elated. But she's got more news for him.

"We're not having just one baby, we're having twins!"

The stunned husband had to sit down for that news. "Wow! I can't believe it-- twins!" He remarked, stunned. "How did you find that out so soon? You haven't even been to the doctor's yet."

"It was easy," she explained. "I picked up a pregnancy kit twin-pack. They both came out positive!"

Source: Rumor Has It
Photo: Rumor Has It

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