Wife Bragged About Killing Her Husband - She Wasn't Joking

One woman in the U.K. was known for having a very odd sense of humor. With the kinds of things she said, many people just wrote her off as always the joker.

When her husband disappeared and people asked where he was, she occasionally would tell them that she killed him. They didn't believe her and thought he ran off with another woman.

After her death, though, they found the body stashed in her shed.

John and Leigh Anne Sabine were an odd couple, and not very trustworthy. The British couple moved to New Zealand in the 1960s with their five children, but after becoming suspects in a series of frauds, the couple went back to Britain.

They abandoned the children in a care home.

John was known to be something of a womanizer and jealous husband. Leigh Anne, a former model and singer, was always making up stories and hen-pecking. When John disappeared in 1997, people assumed that John had finally run off with another woman.

For 18 years, no one knew the grisly truth: Leigh Anne killed John.

The woman even admitted it on occasion over the years. Liz Chalkley, a friend, recalls saying to her once, "I thought you two would have killed each other by now."

Leigh Anne responded, "You know what you just said about killing him. I've killed him with a stone frog I kept by the side of the bed."

Leigh Anne was actually telling the truth. She passed away after a battle with brain cancer at the age of 74. About three weeks later, friends went in to clean out the garden shed and they found a skeleton.

It was wrapped in plastic, and then in roofing material, and held together with a bungee cord.

The friends reported the finding to authorities, and the remains were confirmed to be Johns due to a hip replacement he had before he died. Authorities even found the stone frog by the bedside.

A dent in the skull of the skeleton they found matched the 2.2-pound frog perfectly.

"The frog had a projecting eye and hind leg. These features were lined up with the fractures. A single blow from this item could have accounted for all the skull fractures. They are severe injuries and can easily account for death," notes a medical examiner.

"The problem with Anne was you never knew if she was telling the truth or not," Chalkley said.

Leigh Anne confessed on more than one occasion. One hairdresser recalls a strange conversation she had before Leigh Anne died, when she knew she had cancer.

Bernadette Adamiec says she was doing Leigh Anne's hair when the elderly woman confided in her, "People are going to talk about me after I have gone. I could be famous."

When Adamiec asked why, Leigh Ann responded, "Because of the body in the bag."

"It is my view that Leigh Sabine probably killed John Sabine and wrapped up his body to move it outside. There was no evidence to suggest anyone else knew of his death," said Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Morgan.

Source: Mail Online
Photo: Mail Online

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