Whole School Looks On As Teen Gets A Huge Surprise - It's A Tearjerker

It's hard being separated from a loved one in general, but for a teenager, being separated from a loving parent is a real struggle. This is especially true when the parent is in the military and has been deployed for long periods of time.

Kids not only have to grapple with the distance between them and their beloved parent, but also with the fact that the parent could be in danger at any time. This is why reunions are so emotional when a parent in the military returns home.

One dad from Texas, Marine Staff Sergeant Isaias Gonzales, came home a month early and surprised his 15-year-old son Elijah. The mother wanted to make the moment memorable, so she arranged for the big surprise to happen at school.

“I love him. I would do anything for him, I’m here for him and I can’t wait to see him," the dad said in anticipation of the homecoming.

He gives his wife all the credit.

“She planned it,” the happy father said in a YouTube video.

“It was weeks of planning and trying not to slip," agreed the mom.

The patience paid off, because it was an incredibly heartwarming moment. As the football team took the field and lined up to prepare for the start of the game, the father walked up right behind his son.

The son had no idea what he was in for.

“Walking out, just emotions going crazy, nervous, but at the end of the day, it was well worth it," said the dad.

The father then stepped around in front of his son, and the shocked boy's reaction was priceless. He hugged his father, the tears flowed from both of them.

The 15-year-old unabashedly broke down in tears and clung to his father.

“I don’t know how to describe it. I was like, ‘oh my gosh, my dad’s home today,'" the teen said.

"I thought he’d be home next month because that’s what he’s been saying. And I just went into shock.”

It was an emotional moment not just for the father and son, but for all the spectators.

"Just to know that I’m here, I won’t have to be away from them, no more deployments, watch my oldest be able to finish high school and graduate, watch my two younger ones continue to grow," the weepy father said.

Onlookers enjoyed witnessing the beautiful reunion. The boys on the football team applauded and the crowd cheered.

Even later, when the two were being interviewed for a local news station, just talking about it choked the teen up again, and he turned to hug his dad once more in tears.

Men and women who join the Armed Forces are making a huge sacrifice for their country, but their family members are also making a huge sacrifice—particularly the kids. It’s hard for a child to understand the values that mom or dad is fighting for, all they know is that the parent they love is missing milestones, birthdays and other family moments.

Once they become teens, kids are old enough to understand what’s going on in the world, and the danger that their parent could be facing. That’s why there’s nothing more beautiful than a homecoming.

Source: AWM
Photos: YouTube Screenshots, Andrews County News/Facebook, Weather Channel

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