What Teachers Gave Parents This Year Had Mom's Shedding Tears

The new school year is officially off and running around the world, and this year teachers in a school in Gloucester wanted to mark the occasion by offering a little treat and a little reassurance to parents.

The two teachers made little packages up for the mothers dropping off their kids, and it had some of the ladies welling up with tears. One parent snapped a photo and shared the gift to social media.

It is normal for parents to shed tears on their child's first day of school, especially if it is their little one's first time going off into the big world on their own. A couple of teachers in a primary school in the UK knows how difficult it can be not just for children, but for the parents.

They made a little treat for those parents hoping it would make the milestone easier.

Kingsholm C of E Primary School teachers Mrs. Barwell and Miss Sian handed parents a special little package as they brought their kids up to the door. The package was an envelope with a cute little poem on the front. One mom snapped a picture of it to share.

"The day is finally here and now you are alone," the poem read. Sit down to have a brew and think of how they've grown!"

"The tissue is for you to have a little cry," it continues. "And now they are at school, remember times gone by."

"As you eat your treat your worries can be gone," it concluded. "We already love your precious little one!"

It was signed by the two teachers.

The parents peeked into the package and found a tissue, a tea bag and a small chocolate treat. "This is so cute from Kingsholm Primary. Most of the mums are now in tears," said one parent who received the package.

The sweet little care package is something that many teachers do for the first day, especially those who teach children going to school for the first time. Their parents are bound to have first-day jitters as much as their children are.

Can you think of anything as relaxing for the nerves as a cup of tea and a piece of chocolate?

Some teachers just pass out a bag of mints-- asking parents for 'involve-mint', 'commit-mint' and 'encourage-mint'. That's another cute idea that will put a smile on a nervous mom or dad's face.

Some teachers give 'Parent Survival Kits' that include a cotton ball (soft comfort item), a DIY s'mores kit, or they might send home a string that is the exact length as the child's height. That way, on the last day of the year, they'll get another string to see how much their child has grown.

The kind gesture goes beyond the content of the package; it shows the parents that the teacher is not just there for the child. Right away, teachers can show they’re thinking about the parent, too, and all the worries and concerns that parent might have over this first year of school.

It helps to put the parent at ease when the teacher reaches out right away with a little gift acknowledging that you’re all in this together.

Source: Mirror
Photos: Google Maps, Daniel Jędzura/123RF Stock Photo, Mirror, dolgachov/123RF Stock Photo

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