Walmart Display Criticized For Possible Racial Undertones (PHOTOS)

Retail displays are strategically positioned to generate action from shoppers, and sometimes to even illicit a reaction. According to KTNV, a display in this Walmart store sparked a reaction that has been far from positive.

The store, located in North Las Vegas, has come under fire for a display that many have viewed as racist and insensitive. The Walmart display features clothing items hanging from the ceiling with the assistance of neon green chains.

The display has been removed and the store’s corporate office has not provided comment, but video and images of the display have led to some mixed reaction.

"Four black items hanging from the ceiling as if they were four black people," was what one man thought the display represented.

Others saw things differently, ranging from "people hanging from the ceiling," to "mannequins of people hanging from the top of the roof."

Some have even speculated that it could be simply left over holiday decorations.

"Halloween's gone, but you still have four black figures hanging from the ceiling," remarked another viewer of the video.

Source: KTNV

Photo: Youtube, Scoopnest

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