Volunteer Rescuers Have To Act Fast When Flood Overturns Family Truck

Southern Texas had a terrible storm tear through on Saturday, leaving much destruction in its wake. Tornados tore up the area and left flood waters rushing. One man spotted an overturned vehicle in the aftermath and was stunned to realize that a family was in the car.

The Chevrolet Silverado was in a stream of rushing flood water near Myrtle Springs. Father, toddler, and infant were all in the overturned vehicle, still strapped into their seats. They could have drowned, but thankfully the community rushed to their aid.

The first on the scene was Tom Mitchell. Mitchell and his sons went out to drive around after the deadly storms to see if anyone was in need of some help. It's a good thing they went, too, because they were the ones who first spotted the family in distress.

As flood waters roared past the upside-down truck, they were unable to get the doors open. More passers-by stopped to lend a hand, and there were a few tense moments there when nothing seemed to be working.

Finally, the Good Samaritans were able to break into the car. Mitchell yanked the baby out, but the infant was struggling to survive.

“No color at all and the eyes were not focused when I looked down at her... This baby may not make it, this baby may not make it. No reaction, nothing is happening,” he tells ABC News.

As other rescuers worked to get the father and toddler out of the car, some tried reviving the baby. Mitchell says that as soon as a woman next to him began praying to Jesus, he felt something change.

“Well the first prayer she said I felt a response in that child,” he explained.

The family was rushed to the hospital. The baby was fully revived, and she and her father have been released. The toddler is still in the hospital but is reportedly recovering.

Source: IJR
Photo: IJR

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