Vigilant Shopper Noticed Something About Woman in Walmart Parking Lot

An Ohio mom went to the local Walmart with her kids when she noticed something odd in the parking lot. A man was yelling at a woman and child. The woman and child looked very afraid, and the mom was worried about the situation.

She tried to keep an eye on them after that, but later the woman noticed her watching. The woman mouthed ‘We’ve been kidnapped’, and the mom sprang into action.

Tia Withers was in the Reynoldsburg Walmart parking lot when she first spotted the man, woman and child. She figured they were a family, but something about the child and the woman didn’t look right.

They looked terrified, and the man, who yelled at them and bossed them around, looked angry.

When Withers came out of Walmart, she spotted the family by a car. The man was threatening the mother and child to get in, telling them that he’d kill them if he didn’t.

When he got distracted for a moment, the woman looked up and saw Withers looking at her. “Help me, we have been kidnapped,”
she mouthed.

The chilling way that the man was threatening to kill the woman and child made her determined to help. She watched the woman and child get into the car.

She then pulled up right behind them, boxing them in, and called 911.

Withers reported what she witnessed to the operator. “Two people have been kidnapped. They are sitting there in a car, I am blocking them off.”

The man driving the car, however, began backing out and honking. He looked angry, and looked like he was willing to ram into Withers’ vehicle.

Worried about the safety of her own children, the mom decided to pull away. She also didn’t want to give away that she was calling for help. If the man suspected he might try to make a run for it.

At the same time, another 911 call came in, but this one was silent. Apparently, the woman in the car with the kidnapper had a phone and dialed for help, but dared not say a word. The man, later identified as Michael McKinney, was talking about Western Union.

“We have an open 911 call going on, we couldn’t get any information… a guy keeps talking about a Western Union,” the dispatcher told police.

McKinney drove away, and Withers followed. “He kidnapped this woman and boy. I’m trying to follow him, and he is by Walgreens now,” she told the operator as she drove behind at a safe distance.

She then reported he was on the move again, taking State Route 256. She kept following, and finally police caught up and stopped McKinney’s car. Before police could get out, McKinney began to run.

“Oh my God,” Withers told the dispatcher. “He got out of the car, and he just threw something in the grass.”

After a brief chase, McKinney was caught and arrested. The police found the item Withers saw McKinney throw: a package of methamphetamine. McKinney also had a knife and had been trying to get the victim to withdraw money for him.

As it turns out, he abducted them in North Carolina and drove all the way to Ohio with them.

McKinney was arrested and charged with kidnapping, extortion and drug possession.

Source: Scribol
Photos: NBC4

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