Viewers Are Pointing This Out About Kylie Jenner’s Golden Globe Picture (Photos)

Kylie and Kendall Jenner appeared at the Golden Globes after parties draped in metallic gowns, letting the two beauties really shine. The two stood out at the Beverly Hilton Hotel party.

The sisters tweeted they were out on a 'sister date,’ and shared some stunning behind-the-scenes photos. One photo shows the two snacking in a corner on pizza.

Kylie donned a shimmering semi-sheer silver gown with a jewel-studded choker. Her luxurious locks were pinned up in an elegant bun on top of her head.

The slit in her dress revealed a large, curved scar on her thigh, something she received at age 5 when playing hide-and-seek. The scar takes nothing away from her looks or style, however, and Kylie doesn't even attempt to hide it.

Kendall wore a strapless copper number, and wore her hair swept up in a bun with layered shimmering necklaces.

Source: MailOnline
Photo: MailOnline

Kylie shows off her scar at the Golden Globes.

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