Vietnam Veteran Broke Down After Finding Letter on Windshield, Went Searching for Writer

People love to leave anonymous insults all around these days. Some do it by social media, hiding behind screen names as they post one rude comment after another. Some do it by leaving notes, either in a neighbor's mail box or on a person's car.

We practically live in a culture of insults these days, but once in a while you get surprised. One person left a note on a man's car that touched him so much, he went looking for her.

A man from Rural Valley, Pennsylvania parked his car to go into a Walmart and do some shopping. “I went inside to get my canning supplies because I do my hot peppers,” said Mike Koma, the owner of the car.

When he returned, he found a card on his windshield. The card had an American flag on the cover.

Koma, a Vietnam veteran, opened the note and read it. what he read brought tears to his eyes.

“Dear Vietnam veteran, thank you so much for your service in the United States Army in Vietnam. You, sir, are a hero in my eyes,” read the note.

The writer went on to thank Koma and his family of the sacrifices that they made so he could serve. It was signed Cindy Twigg.

“We didn’t have a parade or anything,” Mike, who served a year in the Army's Fifth Infantry in 1969, recalls. “When I came home from Vietnam, I flew into the state of Washington, and people were spitting at us and calling us baby killers.”

“That just made me tear up,” Mike said about the note.

Koma brought the card home and showed it to his wife, Mary.

“I put it on Facebook, hoping someone would know her,” Mary said. “[The note] made him feel good, and that’s what I want to see him do, to heal from that war.”

Koma hoped to thank her for the beautiful note, and he got his chance. The Komas found Twigg by looking her up in the phone book. They arranged a meeting at a war memorial in Rural Valley. The Komas had helped get the memorial made in the local park.

Mike and Mary embraced Twigg and thanked her for her kind note. They showed her around the war memorial. They agreed to keep in touch, and to get together again.

“I never thought I would make it home,” Koma told Twigg as they walked through the memorial and looked at the names of fallen soldiers. “The stuff that I saw in 12 months, my god.”

Twigg said she understands. Her boyfriend served in Vietnam, and he died of complications from Agent Orange after he returned home. Agent Orange was a toxic herbicide the U.S. used during the war to try and eliminate crops and forest cover in North Vietnam.

Twigg says she writes several cards per week and leaves them on cars of veterans. She's been doing it for five years, but thus far only Mr. Koma and one other person have found her.

“I’m sure everyone that got one felt the same way that I did,” said Koma.

“That was the nicest thing anybody ever did for me since I came home from Vietnam," he added.

Source: CBS Local
Photos: CBS Local Screenshots

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