Video Captures Teacher Encouraging Children To Throw Rocks At One Child

An Arkansas child care worker is in hot water and a day care is under investigation after an incident in which children threw rocks at a three-year-old child. According to reports, the teacher encouraged the rock-throwing as a way to 'discipline' the three-year-old.

The teacher in question says she remembers kids throwing rocks, but she denies telling them to do so. Someone caught the disturbing scene on video.

The video was filmed by a former employee of the Tend Day Care in Forrest City, Arkansas. The woman claims that when she was working at the child care facility, she witnessed several similar incidents.

The video shows a group of children throwing stones. In the background, a child can be heard screaming in pain. According to the person who took the video, the children were chucking rocks at a three year old child, and it was the teacher who encouraged them to do it.

The former employee handed over the footage to police, who launched an investigation into the day care. The person filing the complaint said she heard a teacher telling the kids to throw rocks at a little boy to teach him a lesson.

The incident in question is believed to have happened on April 26 on the playground. The witness says the child was misbehaving and ordered to sit on the ground by the day care worker. The angry child picked up and handful of rocks and threw them on the ground.

At that point, the teacher told other kids to throw rocks at the boy. Approximately six kids obliged.

An officer who saw the footage wrote in his report, "I observed approximately 6 toddlers throwing rocks at a white male toddler. The toddler is kneed down covering his face crying. A background voice says, 'He'll learn to stop, ok that's enough.'"

Police questioned the teacher accused of letting the kids throw rocks. She told police the kids are always throwing rocks in the playground, but that she doesn't recall telling them to throw the rocks at another child. She doesn't remember any teachers telling students to throw rocks.

Child Protective Services are now investigating the day care as well and it has been temporarily closed. Parents are horrified about the report.

"I would never send my child to Teach and Tend," said one local, who says if her child came home and said a teacher had rocks thrown at her she would have showed up at the place with police.

The owner and director of the nursery, Carla Busby, told ABC 13 that the person who filed the report was just a disgruntled employee. She is refusing to comment any further while the investigation ongoing.

Busby says she's cooperating with child services to clear up the matter.

According to the former employee who reported the incident to police, she has seen this kind of thing happen at the daycare on more than one occasion. She’s hoping that the investigation will put an end to the alleged mistreatment and abuse.

This recent day care incident is only the latest in what seems to be a trend. An Indiana mother went to pick up her one-year-old son at day care last month, only to find him bruised and beaten. In Minnesota, a day care worker hanged a 16-month-old child, then fled, running over another man in the process. In Utah, a day care owner shoved a child on a bathroom floor and broke both of his legs.

Source: ABC 13
Photos: Fox 8, Fox 13

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