Disturbing Racially-Charged Video Leads To Cancellation Of Middle School's Football Season

There have been an alarming number of racially-charged videos featuring students making the rounds of late, and that’s left parents and schools with a serious mess to clean up in the wake of the controversies they inspire.

While common sense suggests that one controversy would be more than enough to discourage others from following the same path, the opposite appears to be happening. Copycat incidents are a pretty common occurrence when we’re talking about younger folks, but that doesn’t make any of the incidents any less disturbing in their own right.

As the Daily Mail shares, a new controversy has emanated from Short Pump Middle School in Virginia, and this one has rocketed to the top of the list to contend for the title of most disturbing one yet. In the video, white players from the school’s football team can be seen pinning down black players and simulating sex acts, all while providing disturbing commentary.

“Ever wonder what happens in a football locker room?” reads a caption on the video, which was shared on social media.

“What's up with you and the blacks?” said one student.

“We gonna f*** the black outta these African-American children from Uganda,” chimes in another student.

The video quickly gained a ton of traction, and school administrators promptly responded by cancelling the rest of the team’s season.

“We will include staff, parent, administrator and student representatives in this dialogue. Our hope is to use this very unfortunate event as a meaningful learning opportunity,” a letter from Principal Thomas McAuley read in part.

One anonymous school staff member offered up some comments to NBC 12, and the staffer indicated this was a completely avoidable incident.

“Every time there's boys in the locker room, there's always an adult in the locker room. That's a requirement,” the staffer said.

Fair enough, but there’s a larger problem at hand here. We can only assume that the kids were startlingly unclear on how disturbing their actions truly were.

While the principal has acknowledged that this amounts to a ‘meaningful learning opportunity,’ this is one of those things that shouldn’t need to be made clear. We’re not going to pass judgement on the parents or caretakers of the kids in the video from afar, but we sincerely hope they spend some time getting to the bottom of exactly what they were thinking here.

One unidentified parent of a student directly affected by the incident is understandably quite upset, and she’s having a hard time wrapping her head around things.

"You see kids in the locker room forcing kids over the bench. You see kids on the ground thrusting on other kids making racial slurs as they're thrusting …You see the kids asking to get up and to stop and screaming,” she said.

Henrico Schools Supervisor Tyrone Nelson was reached for comment by NBC 12, and he understands why parents would be upset.

“If I was one of the parents and my kid was pinned on the ground, I'd be angry,” he said. “Was this some kind of racial situation? If it's young kids being held against their will and being sexually manipulated, then that's one thing.”

The local police department is investigating the incident, but it’s unclear if any charges are pending.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Google, NBC 12

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