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Utah Town Wakes Up To Terrifying Sight: American Flag Destroyed, Replaced By ISIS Flag

An ISIS flag and an ominous message was left for locals at a Southwest Utah high school. The original American flag that flew on the school's flag post had been replaced by one celebrating ISIS. Some spray paint on a nearby building read 'ISIS is Comi'.

Vandals ant Hurricane High School replaced Old Glory with 'what looked like a flag used by ISIS', say Washington County police. The U.S. flag, or what was left of it, was later found shredded at the scene.

Spray paint on the wall read 'ISIS is Comi', possibly was supposed to say 'ISIS is Coming', but the vandal stopped midway through the graffiti.

Hurricane Police Department is investigating the incident. “Officers have received tips this morning and they’re following those leads and so far they haven’t generated a credible lead but tips can help us out a lot,” said spokesperson Ken Thompson.

It's unclear at this point if this was a legitimate threat by local radicals or some kind of prank. It's also unknown if one or more students at the school are responsible, or if it was done by an adult.

Police have called in the FBI to help them investigate the incident. Federal agents analyzed the evidence for hours and have come to the conclusion that they don't think it's from ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group.

So far, based on the evidence, they believe it was more likely a prank or meant to scare people. They don't believe it was a terrorist threat and say locals can rest easy.

"[B]ased on information we received from the FBI we do not believe this act was perpetrated by someone linked to the Islamic State,” read a statement from the police. "This investigation is ongoing and investigators will continue to follow-up on leads.”

On Thursday, officers went to the school to reassure students and faculty that they're looking into the incident. Classes resumed as usual.

Police are asking anyone who knows anything about the incident to call it in to their tip line at (435) 627-4999.

Locals on the Hurricane PD Facebook page were concerned and angry.

"Oh dang this is scary," wrote one person.

"This better not be shrugged off as a joke. Officers need to be actively looking and investigating this and the person responsible should be charged," said another.

"Wow, it is coming [to] Utah?" another asked.

"We as citizens need to jump on the band wagon and support the police in finding who did this, holding them accountable! I'm sure the citizens of Hurricane, Utah, Farmer's, Ranchers, Businesmen, and Neighbors, alike, would be willing to help get a few bad eggs off the streets and out of our schools!" a commenter added.

"Did they run out of spray paint?" one person wondered about the strange message.

One local was upset by the message, especially the disrespect for the flag. David Morse, who lives across the street from the school, said he was stunned when he woke up and saw what had happened.

"That flag represents our country," he told Fox News. "I just can't imagine anybody wanting to do anything to that flag," he says.

Source: Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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