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Woman Hanging Out Of Car While Topless Is Killed After Hitting A Lamp Post

A Russian woman on vacation in the Dominican Republic with a friend wanted to cut loose and have fun, but in doing so she suffered a tragic accident. The mom from Moscow was killed as she hung out a car window and hit a sign post.

Her death was filmed by her friend, who was also driver of the car. The friend has been arrested.

Natalia Borodina, a 35-year-old mother of one, made a fatal mistake while on vacation with her 32-year-old friend, Ivanna Boirachuk. Ms. Boirachuk was driving a car and Borodina was in the passenger seat.

She was wearing just a bikini and decided to remove the bikini top and take some partially nude photos and video.

In just a bikini bottom, with her breasts exposed, Borodina leaned back out of the passenger's side window of the moving car. Boirachuk drove and filmed her friend. Borodina proceeded to perform for the camera, acting sexy and letting her hair whip in the wind.

Sadly, neither Borodina nor Boirachuk saw the sign post on the side of the road. It was all fun and games until a horrible ‘thump’ and a scream could be heard. Borodina was knocked aside like a rag doll as she slammed into the post.

The tourist was seriously injured. She was rushed to a local hospital, but she died from her injuries soon after arriving.

"The woman was having fun demonstrating her naked breasts while her companion drove the car," read a report from the Russian media, Moskovsky Komsomolets.

The video was leaked online on Live Leaks where it got more than a million views. A blurred version was posted on YouTube, and the footage is something many viewers have found highly disturbing.

Photos have also made their way to the internet showing pools of blood in the passenger seat of the car.

“She was a caring daughter and a good mother, and she supported her family,” her former sister-in-law said.

Borodina is the divorced mother of an eight-year-old child, who was reportedly staying with his aunt while his mother was on vacation. Borodina's family has been informed of the shocking death.

The young mother, who was originally from Zlatoust before moving to Moscow, had been working as an estate agent in Cannes, France, where she sold properties to wealthy Russian clients.

Borodina was heavily criticized by people on the internet for the mistake that resulted in her death, and because of her sexual behavior, some have accused her of being a prostitute. Family and friends of the deceased have shot back at critics who never knew the hard-working mom.

While they agree it was a reckless mistake that ended tragically, they say it doesn't make her a bad person, and that she was never a prostitute.

“She helped her poor family with everything. Nobody else worked, only Natalia. She wanted to get everything, she was hoping for a better future. And anyone can make a mistake, why should we judge her by just one video? Are we all saints?” said one friend according to the Daily Mail.

Boirachuk was arrested for drinking while driving.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Vkontakte via Heavy

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