Tom Cruise’s 80-Year-Old Mother Tragically Dies

Celebrity Tom Cruise suffered a blow last week when his 80-year-old mother passed away. Mary Lee South had been suffering from health problems and finally lost the battle. She died peacefully in her sleep, according to reports.

South aspired to be an actress herself once. The Kentucky native found her talents were more suited to working as a special education teacher. “You know, women have dreams of having careers and being whatever,” she said. “I had a dream of raising children and enjoying them and having a good family life.”

South claimed she saw the talent in her famous son budding at an early age. “I guess I was [Tom's] greatest audience,” she said in a 1986 interview with Rolling Stone. “He had it in him then. But as he got older, he was more into sports, and it stopped completely."

South divorced Tom's father, who she says was a bully and the kind of man who would 'kick you' when you were down. She married Jack South four years later. Cruise was 16 years old at the time.

Tom Cruise had a knee injury that put an end to his dreams of being a sports hero. He even considered becoming a priest for a while. His mother encouraged him to pursue acting.

Cruise told his mother and stepfather that he wanted to give acting a try for 10 years, and asked for their blessing. They gladly gave it. South said, "We both wholeheartedly agreed... We both felt it was a God-given talent... We gave him our blessing - and the rest is history."

Ms. South converted in the early 2000’s to her son’s infamous religion, Scientology. A memorial service was held at South's Church of Scientology. She is survived by her son and daughters Lee Ann DeVette, Cass Mapother and Marian Henry. She divorced her husband in 2010, and he passed away in 2016.

Source: The Huffington Post
Photo: TMZ

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