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Police Find Toddler On Roof, Then Find Deplorable Living Conditions

Police got a call from a mother in Springfield, Ohio reporting that a toddler was missing. When they came to the family home, they searched for the two-year-old girl and finally found her.

The toddler was crawling around on a roof two stories high. It's what they found under the roof that truly disgusted the officers, though, and the mother of the girl has been arrested for child endangerment.

Daun Morrison, a 23-year-old mother in Ohio, was charged with child endangerment after her daughter was found crawling around on the roof of her two-story home. The married, stay-at-home mom had called police when she couldn't find the baby girl.

She said she was doing the dishes and lost track of the tot. The police found the baby, but when they searched the home from top to bottom, they found a whole lot more than the young mother had bargained for.

Officers found the house to be utterly disgusting. The home was smeared with feces and spotted with urine puddles from top to bottom. Some areas were so bad that the officers' boots were sticking to the carpet. The very thought of a baby crawling around in such filth is heartbreaking.

The toilet was clogged and overflowing with urine and feces. According to Morrison, it had only stopped working two days earlier. Feces and urine apparently didn’t bother the mother all that much.

The family had a dog and three cats, adding to the atrocious conditions in the home. It was also swarming with insects. Flies buzzed in the air, roaches worked their way over the trash and up the walls. When police opened the refrigerator, they found what little food the family had was crawling with cockroaches.

A mattress was found in one bedroom and it was filthy, full of urine stains. It's reportedly where the mother and child slept.

Police found the child, who had been crawling around on a second-floor roof, and thankfully retrieved her before there was a terrible accident. The child had been left in an upstairs room with windows open to let in air, and she seems to have crawled out to get some air.

Temperatures inside the house were above 80 degrees and sweltering, and the stifling atmosphere only made the stench worse to endure.

The officers say the young girl appeared to be listless and sweating in the mid-day heat.

Police arrested Morrison and at a hearing on Thursday morning, the mother pleaded ‘not guilty’. She was released from jail.

When Morrison got home, she went straight to social media and posted a rant full of errors and expletives. “I don't give a f--k what u all got say I am a Dame [sic] good mother and u all don't know the true story,” she wrote.

The child was placed in the custody of her grandmother. Hopefully, the young mother will get some parenting and housekeeping tips before she’s given back her baby.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Clark County Jail, Facebook via Daily Mail, Google

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