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Terrifying Brain Scan Of Toddler Reaffirms Importance Of Childproofing Home

There are tons of things on the list for new parents to tend to. While welcoming a little bundle of joy to the world is a joyous experience, it also amounts to a gigantic turning point.

Things will never be the same, as your life now revolves around ensuring that your little one is cared for at all costs. While that’s a fair trade-off that’s well worth it, it doesn’t make it any less overwhelming at times.

As such, little things can slip through the cracks, but they can turn out to be very big things when not properly tended to.

For example, most parents are well aware of the fact that they need to childproof their homes when children grow to toddler age.

That means that electrical outlets need to be protected, safety locks need to be inserted on cabinets and drawers, all furniture needs to be properly fastened, and stairs need to be protected to prevent accidental tumbles.

While those are the basics, parents also need to be constantly aware of random dangers that can pop up here or there, such as something being on the floor that clearly shouldn’t be there. These parents from China are crystal clear on that fact now, but it’s not before they nearly lost their child.

As AWM shares, a stunning brain scan has been making the rounds that demonstrates the damage that was inflicted on the parent’s toddler. The child was apparently jumping on a bed when he lost his balance and fell.

While that’s a relatively routine occurrence, it was made all the worse by what was laying on the floor. The child’s head landed directly on an a loose plug that was on the floor, and the prongs of that plug became lodged in the child’s head.

The parents would immediately scoop the little one up and rush to the hospital. After three-hours of emergency surgery, doctors were able to remove the plug.

His chances of full recovery are good, but it’s unclear if there will be any long-term damage. The parents are understandably devastated, and you can be sure that they’re counting their lucky stars that their little one looks like he’ll be ok.

To be clear, this was a freak accident, and there’s nothing to suggest that the parents were intentionally neglectful. However, we would imagine they’ll be continually doing a sweep of the surrounding area whenever their child is playing around.

It’s simply good practice that can help to prevent avoidable instances such as this one. If there was no plug on the floor, the child would have likely escaped with a banged up head and some tears.

Instead, he had to go through a grueling surgery to remove a foreign object from his brain. While there’s absolutely nothing that can prevent all of life’s accidents from happening, some extra watchful eyes can help to mitigate the risk.

For parents, the safety proofing job is one that never really comes off the list.

Source: AWM
Photo: AWM

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