Tiffany Home For The Holidays After First Semester At Georgetown Law School

Tiffany Trump has a Secret Service team by her side 24/7, and she obviously appreciates all their hard work.

Several media sources are reporting that the 24-year-old law student at Georgetown University and daughter of Donald Trump was photographed putting her hand on her Secret Service agent's arm as they crossed the street on New York's Upper West Side earlier this week.

Note that Tiffany is home for the holidays after completing her first semester of law school. It seems she was on her way to meet her mom, former model Marla Maples, for dinner at the Atlantic Grill.

However, before they went to the restaurant, Tiffany and the agent walked over to a nearby Duane Reade drugstore when she put an arm on him as they kept an eye out for oncoming traffic.

Tiffany looked chic as usual, in a cream turtleneck, a knee-length wool coat, and black pants. She also wore high-heel booties and a black body bag slung over her shoulder.

Trump’s youngest daughter and her Secret Service agent both had smiles on their faces as they crossed the street. Tiffany also had on a headband to keep her long hair from blowing around her face.

The agent was dressed in a jacket, an untucked plaid button-down shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

Tiffany left the drug store with a white bag containing her purchases.

The next stop was dinner with her mom, and this involved a team of six Secret Service agents in a three-car convoy to escort her to the restaurant to meet her mom.

Keep in mind that protecting President Trump's large family has been a major strain on the Secret Service budget this year due, especially given their frequent traveling and multiple residences. At the end of the summer, Secret Service Director Randolph 'Tex' Alles publicly stated that 1,100 agents were going to reach overtime caps before the end of the year.

Related to this, the House has passed legislation to make sure agents are paid for overtime after the Secret Service reached its spending limits.

According to sources close to the Trump family, Tiffany is closer to her father and her half-sister Ivanka since she now lives in Washington, D.C. She was seen at the National Christmas Tree Lighting with most of her family a couple of weeks ago.

Tiffany’s mother Marla, Trump's second ex-wife, is clearly happy to be spending quality time with her only child this Christmas.

Maples was obviously getting into the spirit of Christmas past, as she shared a few old pics of her little girl celebrating Christmas a few years ago.

One super cute pic shows Marla and her daughter wearing matching red turtlenecks on top of one of Tiffany's riding toys when she was maybe five or six years old.

Maples also recently posted a touching photo of her holding Tiffany ass a baby while she and her late mother, Ann, were sitting on a surprised looking Santa's lap.

The image was captioned: “#tbt to a precious moment with Mom (our dearest angel of Christmas), a man called "Santa" and this littlest bit of Holiday Magic @tiffanytrump who brings the Joy!”

The picture was likely taken in 1995, when Tiffany was just barely two years old.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MEGA, Instagram

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