Their Engagement Has Gone Viral Because Of Their Last Names

An increasing number of couples today are choosing the option to use both of their names together as a hybrid last name when they are ready to get married. Combining your last names is a great way to avoid arguments over paternalism, to make sure that both families are equally represented and ensure that the relationship starts off on a strong foundation.

However, combining your last names when you get married is not an ideal solution in some cases, especially if the new hybrid last name ends up creating an already well known phrase such as Burger King.

The husband in this loving couple, Joel Burger, 24, has finally managed to get 23-year-old Ashley King to agree to marry him. According to friends of the couple, the two have known each other since high school, but decided to just be friends and not date as a serious couple until they both got out of college.

It obviously took the two of them a good bit of time to both get out of college, but it seems Ashley has finally agreed to marry Joel in what will now go down in history as the ‘Burger-King’ affair. Their decision to get married has obviously led to much celebration among pun lovers and headline and caption writers all across the world.

That said, the married couple have not let their 15 minutes of fame go to their heads, and say they are ready to deal with the media hype surrounding their new name.

“We have yet to escape the teasing. But we have fully embraced our nickname,” Ashley noted in an interview with the media.

As several social media posters have suggested, the couple should think about hiring an attorney to negotiate with the Burger King fast food empire about working with the company on a marketing campaign.

Source: Newsiosity
Photo: The Huffington Post

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