Theater Shooter Just Got A Hard Introduction Into Prison Life

Some prisoners are always at a higher risk of being assaulted by other inmates. James Holmes is one of them. Even though he was meant to be kept separated by other prisoners, another inmate was able to find an opportunity to attack him after a security gate was left open. Even after guards intervened, the other inmate managed to continue throwing blows at the mass killer.

Prison officials tried to downplay the incident as a minor event. However, higher-up officials said the incident proved Homes is in constant jeopardy and needs to be moved to an undisclosed location where he does not need to be cared for with constant security.

“We had not allowed Holmes at that time to come into daily contact with other offenders,” Colorado Prisons Director Steve Hager said. “That was not part of the management plan of him.” Hager stated that the attack was only one of the reasons for moving Homes.

The inmate who assaulted Holmes is convicted car thief Mark “Slim” Daniels. Slim was able to use a slim window to get to Holmes when he saw Holmes exiting the office of his case manager. The officer who was providing security to Holmes at the time was unable to radio the officer controlling the gate for help “as his battery had gone dead.” Slim took the split second the sliding gate opened run through it, squeezing past as it was closing and begin his attack.

Slim’s only regret was not doing more harm to the mass murderer. "I'm so sorry I couldn't wipe him out and sent [sic] him packing to Satan's lake of fire,” he wrote. “It was just impossible to do by myself with so many cops. I did get him six or seven good ones… He was very scared.”

Holmes was convicted for killing 12 people and injuring 70 others in a shooting at the Century Aurora 16 cinema in 2012. Since news broke that Slim had assaulted Holmes, strangers have sent Daniels money and letters of support.

Source: ABC News
Photo: Opposing Views

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