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Mystery Of Vanished Texan Woman Is Finally Solved After Remains Are Found In Septic Tank

Leona Johnson, a 21-year-old mother from Texas, made national headlines when she mysteriously disappeared in 2004. Now, 13 years later, this missing person case has finally been closed after Ms. Johnson’s body was discovered in a Weslaco home’s septic tank.

After Ms. Johnson disappeared, deputies from the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department launched a massive manhunt. When the woman – who, at the time, had a 3-year-old son – was not found, the manhunt turned into a criminal investigation.

After canvassing dozens of witnesses and interviewing a similar number of suspects, police believed that a local property owner named Aristeo Cervantes Jr., 40, was the person behind Ms. Johnson’s disappearance.

However, police were never able to pin the crime on Mr. Cervantes Jr., and were forced to abandon the case after further leads turned up empty. Now, after Ms. Johnson’s remains were found in Cervantes Jr.’s septic tank, police have enough evidence to back up their original suspicions about the Texan property owner.

Ms. Johnson’s remains were discovered by the daughter of Mr. Cervantes Jr. and her boyfriend. The couple were performing maintenance on the septic tank when they discovered the remnants of a human body and a female boot.

Without hesitating, the couple immediately reported the discovery to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Department.

When police removed Ms. Johnson’s decaying remains from the septic tank, they were still able to perform basic DNA tests. After cross-referencing the test results with DNA from Ms. Johnson’s son, who is now 16 years old, police were able to definitively conclude that the remains belonged to the missing Texan mother.

It remains unclear if Cervantes Jr’s daughter and her boyfriend realized the significance of their find or the attention it would place on their family.

At the time of the discovery, Mr. Cervantes Jr. was already locked in a Texas prison facility, serving a 12-year sentence after being convicted of fatally stabbing his wife. This murder occurred at the same home that Ms. Johnson’s remains were found at.

With the additional information available to them, Hidalgo County Sheriff’s deputies were able to pressure Cervantes Jr. into confessing to murdering a woman several years ago and dumping her body in his home’s septic tank.

Police questioning has revealed further gruesome details about Ms. Johnson’s murder. The mother was allegedly killed when Cervantes Jr. promised to provide her with a supply of drugs.

However, when the mother-of-one sat down in his car, Cervantes Jr. pulled out a knife and stabbed the shocked woman to death. At this stage, police are still not sure what prompted the fatal attack.

The Hidalgo County coroner’s office has provided a post-mortem report that is consistent with the details of Cervantes Jr.’s story. According to the autopsy, Ms. Johnson was killed by numerous stab wounds from “a sharp object.”

The gruesome story has triggered disgusted reactions from online commenters.

One commenter, Daniel P, urged authorities to execute the double murderer, writing: “Another monster that needs to be put down, let the punishment fit the crime & slowly stab him until he’s dead for the murder of this poor woman. Why must we waste taxpayer money on a monster, just put him down.”

Source: Yahoo
Photos: KRGV, Yahoo

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