Texas Police Recruiting Video Gives Starring Role To Chewbacca

The Fort Worth Police Department came up with a rather entertaining way to drum up interest among prospective recruits, and the department was kind enough to share its efforts online. The result was a viral sensation, as the department’s recruiting video has generated a ton of traction and reactions.

As Fox News shares, at least part of that stems from the acting skills of one of the video's stars.

The department’s video featured the ‘Star Wars’ character Chewbacca in a hilarious look at a day in the life of a police officer. The video kicks off with a roll call of the day’s assignments, and a rather interesting back and forth set the scene up perfectly.

“Jimmy. You get the Wookiee,” said an officer.

“I’m sorry. Did you say the rookie?” Jimmy replied.

“No. The Wookiee,” the officer responded.

At that point, the camera would pan over to Jimmy, who was eyeing up his new partner, the one and only Chewbacca. It was a pretty eventful day for the pair as they took to the streets. Let’s just say that Chewbacca’s talents are best used outside of law enforcement.

A routine traffic stop was suddenly disrupted when Chewbacca began shaking the woman’s vehicle.

When they headed over to the firing range, there was an unexplained dramatic explosion, and all eyes were on Chewbacca as the culprit. The pair headed off to do a little combat training, and Chewbacca found himself with quite an advantage over the officer he was paired up with.

Jimmy and Chewbacca would also have a heated exchange over some hair that was left in the drain, but it didn’t appear as if they were able to resolve that one.

Chewbacca looked a little down in the dumps at lunch time, and that lead Jimmy to try to lend an understanding ear.

“Hey… I’m sorry about Han,” Jimmy said.

That ticked Chewbacca off royally, and he stormed away.

“You wanna talk about it?” Jimmy shouted.

To wrap things up, the department would use one of those famous scrolls that you would see in a Star Wars flick to help drive home the point of the video.

“Attention Wookies!” the scroll read.

That was quickly corrected, and the department struck a serious tone from that point.

“Attention Rookies! Welcome to the Fort Worth Police Department! Remember to always show courtesy and respect to our citizens and always provide professional service,” the scroll read. “And may the force be with you!”

It’s pretty easy to see why this little gem attracted so much interest. Humor remains a tried and true way to capture some attention, and we can only assume that prospective recruits and rookies that viewed it walked away rather intrigued to learn more on what the department is all about.

While we don’t know if it’s mission accomplished on the recruiting front for the FWPD, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they have some sequels to this stellar and entertaining recruiting video in the works.

Source: Fox News
Photos: YouTube

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