Texas College Professor Comes Under Fire For Wearing This To Class Every Day

A professor at a Texas college is attempting to make a statement with his choice of attire. He is disturbed by the state extending open carry laws onto campuses. He's not comfortable with the idea that students may be armed, so he's protesting. The professor is showing up to class in body armor and a helmet.

In 2015, Texas passed a law that would permit licensed individuals to carry a handgun on college grounds. People who support the Second Amendment applauded the decision, noting that students, staff and faculty are just sitting ducks if a dangerous armed person with an intent to inflict injury comes on campus.

Gun supporters believe that by allowing legal gun owners to be armed, violent rampage shooters will think twice before trying to shoot at a campus. If one does, at least the individuals on campus have a chance to protect themselves and stop the perpetrator.

Not everyone supports the second amendment, however, and some think that it's guns, not people, who are the problem. As the law went into effect on August first, there are those who were unhappy with the decision.

Charles K. Smith is a geography teacher at San Antonio College. He made waves when he showed up to class in a camouflaged bulletproof vest and helmet. According to Smith, he didn't pick his quirky outfit just to get attention; he fears for his safety.

"It definitely makes me feel uneasy that there are more firearms on campus than there should be," Smith explained to mySA.com. "Dressing this way was just a statement on how I felt."

According to Smith, more guns on campus means more chances of being shot. "I realize students were carrying guns on campus illegally, but now it's legal to do so, it increases the chances of something happening," said professor Smith to the Daily Mail.

Smith says that there are times when students get very angry at professors. They would never have an opportunity to pull a gun on him, though - until now. "They used to, when they got mad at me, they had to go home to get the gun and had time to cool off. Now they will have it with them," he said.

"My assumption is that you will have more people carrying guns – that will lead to problems. It always has," he said. "There is nothing on this planet worth a human life."

Not everyone shares the professor's assumptions. A photo of Smith in his head-to-toe body armor was posted on Facebook. Some people are mocking it. One post calls Smith 'Professor Hypocrite'.

The post shows Smith in his body armor, and quotes him as saying, "There is nothing on this planet worth a human life."

The post ads on the bottom, "Drives a two-ton assault vehicle to campus."

On the wall behind Smith is a mock slogan that reads, "Moms Against Cars: for Carsense in America."

If someone ever did want to shoot the professor in class, at least now he would have other students ready to cover him.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: San Antonio College/Facebook, James Hot Mustard Velten

Smith wore the protective gear in protest.

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