Terrorists Use Seven-Year-Old Girl To Deliver Bomb, And Blow Her Up

A seven-year-old girl walked into a police station in Damascus, the capital of Syria. She said she was lost and asked for help, but she was sent there for a far more sinister reason.

Someone had rigged the child with explosives and detonated the bomb when she was talking to police.

The Al-Watan reports that a bustling neighborhood near a government building was rocked by a deadly explosion. Three police officers were wounded in the blast, and the girl was killed.

Another unidentified woman was killed as well, though it's unclear if she was an innocent bystander or if she was with the bombers.

The girl's handlers put the explosives on her and stood outside while she went into the police station alone. She calmly followed instructions to pretend she was lost and that she needed to go to the bathroom.

As officers clamored around to help her, her handlers ruthlessly detonated the explosives.

A film clip shows the blast with the building crumbling into rubble. The child's remains were also caught on film but have been blurred out by authorities out of respect.

Terrorists don't care about children. They have no problem slaughtering children or bombing places where children might be.

They also have no problem using children as suicide bombers, or as a human shield to avoid getting shot.

They also don't have any problem taking the children that they haven't killed and training them to be jihadist soldiers. They put guns in the hands of kids who aren't even 10 years old yet, and parents who object are given a choice: give up your child to be a soldier for ISIS, or give up your head.

They immediately attempt to desensitize children by showing them films of beheadings, having them attend live beheadings, and they even force children to commit beheadings under the threat of death.

Photos of child soldiers in training holding the severed head of an ‘infidel’ is a popular intimidation tool that ISIS uses. They share the photos on social media and in threatening videos they send to their enemies.

Another use for female children is selling them as brides or using them as sex slaves. Soldiers are sometimes given young girls as a ‘prize’ for doing well or following orders.

The horrors are never-ending.

Employing young, female children to deliver bombs on a suicide mission is nothing new, but has become a popular attention-getting device for many terrorist fighters. The goal with such bombings is not just to kill any specific targets, but to create drama, get attention and to cause fear in people.

The death of a little girl helps them get the attention they seek.

Another benefit of using small girls is that people don't expect them to be dangerous. If a little girl approaches someone or enters a building looking for help, they are more likely to draw a crowd than be looked on with suspicion.

They know that most other people in the world have compassion, and they use that against their targets.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Mad World News

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