Tennessee College Student Slammed for Flashing a Gun in Her Graduation Photo

For most people, a graduation photo is an attempt to capture a memory that you'll want to remember for a lifetime. For some people, this means getting dressed up in their finest clothes, and having the hair and make-up done to perfection.

To other people, it's about capturing your personality at that point in your youth. Instead of a fancy outfit, they'll put on something that reflects their interests and passions at that age. That's what one college student in Tennessee did, but she's being criticized for her photo.

Brenna Spencer, a 22-year-old graduating from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, really wanted to 'show who I am as a person', she told ABC News.

It just so happens that Spencer is a Pro-Trump, gun-toting supporter of the Second Amendment. For her graduation shoot, the college senior posed in a red 'Women for Trump' T-shirt, which she held up to reveal some toned abs and a handgun tucked into the waistband of her pants.

Spencer shared the photo in a tweet, writing, "I don't take normal college graduation photos."

She got a lot of attention for her bold choice of props and poses. Some of it was negative, not surprisingly. In this day and age, with mass shootings on the rise and students across the country walking out of schools to advocate for stricter gun control laws, the photo didn't go over well.

"Is shoving an unholstered gun down one’s pants part of being a “responsible gun owner”??" asked one Twitter user.

"You realize employers will see this right? Hope you enjoy living with Mom and Dad," said another.

"This is a picture of her blatantly breaking the law. Concealed carry is illegal on those museum grounds. You’re providing photo evidence against yourself....this is so dumb it hurts," said one person.

Spencer assures any haters that she is doing things legally. “I know the Tennessee state gun codes,” she wrote. "“I carry everywhere that I’m allowed to carry."

Even some people who support the Second Amendment say they don't think Spencer is doing any favors for the pro-gun arguments.

"I’m 100% pro gun but brandishing a firearm for a photo shoot or showing it off to try and look cool is just stupid. They are tools. Why brag about carrying a gun?" one person Tweeted.

"Good job supporting second amendment, but you should have a proper holster that holds the weapon securely and fully protects the trigger guard."

Others were in full agreement with Spencer and applauded her photo.

"I hope my conservative sons find a strong woman just like you!" one person wrote.

"Love this photo and so proud it’s taken in Chattanooga!!!!" said another.

"Wonderful pictures, congratulations on the graduation. 2A is our God given right. Never back down," said another.

Owning guns continues to be a major issue of controversy between the right and the left in politics. For some, these kinds of blatant displays made in support of gun ownership and the Second Amendment is a great reminder of our rights.

For other, it’s just seen as an attempt to poke the hornets nest, to rile up those who are frustrated about gun violence and want to see guns severely restricted, if not abolished.

Source: Yahoo
Photos: Brenna Spencer/Twitter/Instagram

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