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Teens Save Little Girl By Chasing Kidnapper On Bikes

When 5-year-old Jocelyn Rojas was abducted, her rescuers ended up being an unlikely pair of teenagers on bikes. On the day that Jocelyn was abducted, the young girl had been playing on her front lawn when a stranger approached her and asked her if she wanted free ice cream.

The young girl naively followed the abductor to his vehicle before being shoved into the back seat. Horrifyingly, it took more than 2 hours for Jocelyn’s parents to report their daughter as missing to police.

News about the missing girl quickly spread throughout the community and a motley collection of search teams began to assemble. As the local community rallied around Jocelyn’s family, over 100 police officers and first responders were forming a cordon across every road in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Meanwhile, two brave 15-year-old teenagers, Temar and Chris, joined the search on their push bikes. Frustrated by the broad police net, Chris and Temar decided to travel beyond the cordon established by first responders and rode their bikes for 45 minutes to cover as much area as possible.

The young men were just about to return to the main search area when they spotted a sedan performing a suspicious turn after sighting a police car in the distance. After noticing the vehicle, Chris and Temar rode up past the car and saw Jocelyn sitting in the front seat.

Before the two young men had a chance to take the girl, the sedan sped away from them. "Every time we'd go down the street, he'd turn back around, and then ... we'll follow him," said Temar during an interview with WGAL.

However, as the chase continued, the abductor – fearing that the authorities were on the way - slowed down and dumped Jocelyn out of the car. “He stopped at the end of the hill and let her out, and she ran to me and said that she needed her mom," said Temar.

Police have since identified the abductor as 73-year-old Harold Leroy Herr, a known sexual deviant and child predator. Horrifyingly, Herr sexually assaulted Jocelyn in the 2-hour period before police were alerted to the girl’s disappearance.

The despicable excuse for a human has been sentenced to between 50 and 100 years imprisonment. Prior to the sentencing, both Jocelyn and her mother were given time to address the court.

Jocelyn’s mother used the address as an opportunity to defy Herr’s evil impact on her family, saying: “Harold Herr is a coward."

"He is the definition of evil. I offer no forgiveness to Harold Herr."

"Instead I choose to forgive myself. Because as a mother I was unable to protect my daughter from the evil that was literally in our own backyard," she continued.

"After today, Harold Herr will forever be irrelevant to our family. You took something away from my baby girl she’ll never be able to get back."

"My daughter acts funny around me now. It’s crazy what you did," she said.

"You’d be better off if you killed yourself.”

In her address, Jocelyn had only a single demand: “I want you to make him stop taking little kids.”

As he handed down the sentencing, Judge Ashworth honored Jocelyn’s request, saying: “All I can do is make good on the request of this little girl. That little girl has more strength of character than anything you [Herr] have."

"There are other things the father part of me would like to say that the judge part of me refrains from saying.”

Source: CNN, Lighting Their Way Home
Photo: Lighting Their Way Home, WHP

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