Teens Facing Murder Charges After Rock Throwing Leads To Death Of Dad Of Four

Completely senseless crimes need to be dealt with swiftly, and those responsible for them need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. That sentiment applies regardless of the age of the perpetrator, as wrong is simply wrong regardless of age. A group of teenagers is coming to terms with that concept in the wake of their senseless act that killed a father of four.

As the New York Daily News shares, the teens have been charged with second-degree murder, malicious destruction of property and conspiracy after tossing a six-pound rock off of an overpass. That rock plummeted into the windshield of a van that was occupied by 32-year-old Kenneth White, and he would pass away from the injuries that he sustained. The teens, who range in age from 15 to 17 years old, will be tried as adults.

The teens were on a highway overpass and apparently engaged in something known as "dinging," which is allegedly a prank that leads to cars being dinged on the road below. Sheriff Robert Pickell is among the many that fail to see the humor in it.

"It's not a prank," he said. "It is second-degree murder."

White was simply driving home from work with a co-worker when the rock struck the van. He suffered a broken skull, brain damage, and sustained a laceration to his chest. His uncle Donald explains how the family found out what happened.

“And he called my brother on the side of the road and said I am so sorry, I did everything I could, I couldn’t stop him from bleeding,” he explained. “Put the doctor on the phone and said we did everything… we did everything we could for him and he died.”

The victim’s distraught brother Thomas also provided some insight into the pain his family is experiencing.

“I still can’t figure out what goes through someone’s head to want to just throw stuff off of a bridge with oncoming traffic,” he said. “He’s the best person I knew. He was the best person I knew.”

The teens, Alexander Miller, Mikadyn Payne, Trevor Gray, Mark Sekelsky and Kyle Anger, are said to have discussed the prank before pulling it. After they amused themselves thoroughly, the teens headed over to McDonald’s. They were eventually tracked down and arrested, and they have all entered not guilty pleas. They remain in custody after being denied bond, and they face life in prison if convicted.

A father of four lost his life in senseless fashion as he was simply on his way from a long day of providing for his family. His loved ones' lives are forever altered, and there are four children that will now grow up fatherless due to the senseless act. The teens are solely responsible for what they did, and this is too large of a transgression to dismiss as a misstep of youth. A man is dead because they were entertaining themselves in an unfathomable way, and they need to be held accountable for that.

Source: NY Daily News
Photo: YouTube

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