Teens Kills Grandparents - What They Do Next Is Unbelievable

Cassie Bjorge, a 17-year-old from Gwinnett County, Georgia, and her boyfriend, 18-year-old Johnny Rider, have been charged with an unfathomable crime. The teenagers brutally murdered Bjorge’s grandparents, and it sounds like they were planning to whack even more family members. As the Independent Journal Review shares, the disturbed pair even decided that it would be perfectly appropriate to party in the grandparents house after they stuffed their dead bodies in another room.

Gwinnett County police were responding to an unrelated assault call involving the pair when they made the startling discovery. Rider’s sister called the cops after they had attacked her and her boyfriend, and that led the cops to go out looking for them. They would eventually wind up at Bjorge’s grandparents house, and they would walk into a gruesome sight.

Randall and Wendy Bjorge were found brutally murdered, and Bjorge and Rider were tracked down soon thereafter. Bjorge admitted that they broke into her grandparents home and bludgeoned them to death before slitting their throats. The grandparents were battered with a hammer, a baseball bat and a tire iron, and that was all topped off by having their throats slit with butcher knives.

The pair would then stuff the bodies in another sealed off room, and they would hold parties and do drugs at the house over a period of several days.

“[Bjorge] also said they were planning on killing Johnny’s family and there were plans on killing her mother also.” said Gwinnett County homicide Det. Dave Brucz.

Brucz noted that “she admitted after the murder she was texting family members because they were worried about them, and she was pretending to be Wendy."

As for why they committed the horrific crime, Brucz offered up a simple reason.

“She had basically had enough of her grandparents," he said.

Rider has yet to confess to his role in the brutal slayings.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photos: Gwinnet County Jail

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