Teen Takes Selfie During Fishing Trip, Captures Something Chilling And Unintended

An unsuspecting teen had to do a serious double take when she took a look at the selfie she just snapped. In the image was a man that she had never seen before, and that man was right next to her younger brother. To make the matter even more curious, the freaked out girl would find out that her brother didn’t see the man at all. As the Independent Journal reports, that led the family to share the image online, but skeptics are not so sure that this is the real deal.

Jessica Ogletree explains that her children, Haley and Kolton, were out fishing on a pond with their grandparents in Tifton, Georgia. No one else was there that day, and that leaves them at a loss for explaining who exactly that man in the pic was. He’s wearing a hat and possibly some camouflage gear, and he seems to be smiling pretty for the camera.

Additionally, he has somewhat of a faded or ghostly appearance, and that, of course, opens up the speculation that the image is some kind of spirit. Some commenters are buying it - others, not so much.

“We took a picture once in front of a window on the outside of a restaurant . it reflected a picture of a small child that was inside the restaurant our van sitting in front of window outside and it looked like he was sitting in the van looking out.But.he looked exactly like our grandson who wasn’t with us...freaked everyone out,” shared one user.

“GA has it's share of ghost stories and citings. The figure looks happy. Very interesting,” shared another.

No word on whether that particular pond has its own local legend attached to it, but Ogletree and her family are convinced something was there.

“If I believed in ghosts I would say it's a spook but since I don't believe in ghosts I won't say it is. But whatever it is, it has a nice smile,” added another use.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photo: Facebook

It's spooky when you see it.

Legitimate ghost?

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