Ex-Teacher Caught On Film Shouting Racist Comments At Black Dollar Tree Clerk

Racism is endemic in our society today. Many decades of slow, but real progress on racism in the United States have been torn asunder by Donald Trump and his prejudiced minions like Steve Bannon.

Ignorant, racist fools all across the country today feel empowered by having a racist and anti-immigrant administration in the White House, and are spewing their hatred with little worry about consequences. In what could be in the news of the weird, an ex-teacher was recorded on video shouting racist comments at a black Dollar Tree employee, and the out of control racist is now claiming she’s too educated to be racist.

The customer was named Pamela Sharma, and she was recorded calling an employee at the store in Lawrenceville, Georgia, a “black whore” and a “black slave” in a disgusting racist rant late last week, according to several local media sources in Georgia.

“You shut up. You’re a black slave,” Sharma is heard yelling during the verbal assault in the clerk.

“That’s why Jesus wasn’t black,” she continued screaming.

Dollar Tree employee Alise Fowler did make a statement to the police, but decided to not file charges against the racist aggressor. That said, Fowler stated she would like to see this customer banned from the store.

“Talking to somebody like that is never okay,” Fowler remarked with tears streaming down. “Being evil is never okay.”

It seems that Sharma became angry when she was asked to hand an item she didn’t want to Fowler, instead of just leaving it at the register.

“She told me to go back to Africa. She told me she’ll shoot me,” Fowler explained, and appeared bewildered by the aggressiveness.

“I just can’t believe that lady talked to me like that.”

Police officers who responded to call at the Dollar Tree store said there was no evidence that Sharma had a gun. Moreover, the Dollar Tree manager reported that she had not heard any specific threats of violence, based on the police report.

Note that both women contacted law enforcement within 10 minutes of each other to report the unfortunate incident.

Sharma was at the Dollar Tree store with her mom and her sister, said she’s the one who was actually the victim of racism. She claims that Fowler told her to “go back to [her] country” when the discussion on where to place the items she no longer wanted to buy became heated

“The clerk got agitated and snatched them and said, ‘You pieces of trash, why don’t you go back to your country,’” Sharma remarked.

“She’s telling me she’s going to beat my ass.”

Sharma also claimed in the police report that Fowler told her the store was messy “because of customers like her.”

In a bizarre moment of the interview, the ex-teacher explained that she is highly educated and therefore could never be racist.

“So, I have taught at black schools, I’ve taught at Latino schools,” she stated in the interview. “Individuals who go to be an educator are not racist.”

Maybe there can be a happy ending to this incident, as Sharma says she wants to meet with Fowler for a “heart-to-heart” talk.

Source: New York Post
Photo: Facebook, YouTube

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