Teacher And Former Miss Montana Tweeted At Students, Now Police Are Investigating

A special education teacher in a Montana public middle school angered local parents when she called her students offensive names in tweets. The teacher is now being investigated and could lose her job over the incident.

Sheridan Tihista, who was crowned Miss Montana in 2013, is not winning any congeniality prizes these days. The middle school teacher is being investigated and could lose her job because parents complained about some of her tweets, which they found offensive.

Tihista says she used twitter to vent, and admits some of her jokes were at the expense of her students and parents. "Writing a research paper about parenting struggles of kids with autism and instead of writing 'mothers' I wrote 'monsters.' #samething," she tweeted once.

She compared one of her students to Tina Belcher.

In some posts, she's called kids 'Satan', according to reports.

Parents printed out a compilation of the tweets and sent it to the school board. The tweets have since been deleted.

"My tweets may have been distasteful but don't illustrate what kind of educator I am," she says, though she admits Twitter was a poor choice of platforms for venting.

Tihista grew up with a special needs sister so she's not without sympathy. She explained to WDAY News that she shares a bond with her students and never meant the joking to be taken as offensive.

The issue of teachers and their right to privacy in the digital age is a hot-button topic. Anyone else can go home and use social media to complain about their job or the people they encountered during the day. Anyone can post a photo of themselves in a swimsuit or at a wild party, but teachers are held to a different standard. Where is the line, or should teachers just stay off social media to prevent problems?

Should a person’s career be ruined over tweeting bad jokes?

Source: Fox News
Photo: Facebook

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