Surveillance Camera Catches Woman’s Spirit Leaving Her Body After A Deadly Crash

Whether you believe in the afterlife, or if you believe all humans have a soul, is a personal decision.

But whatever you believe in, you’ve got to watch this video if you want to see real, visual proof of a human soul. In this graphic video, you will see a horrific motorcycle accident, where a woman on a motorcycle traveling at high speed is hit by a truck trying to cross a highway.

The video is disturbing, but what you see in the aftermath of the accident is truly amazing. In the accident, the woman’s body slams into a utility pole at high speed, clearly killing her almost instantly. Just seconds later, an eerie human image almost like a shadow emerges from her body and hovers over it for an extended period of time.

The police rush onto the scene just a short while later and the shadow above the body can still be seen. One of the officers even seems to put his arms through the human-shaped shadow, but nothing happens and the policeman walks away to start diverting traffic.

The shadow is still visible above the woman’s body when the minute-long clip ends.

Warning: Graphic Content

Source: Your Nation News
Photo: Your Nation News

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