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Woman Kicked Out Of A Restaurant For Wearing This Outfit

Anastasia Ashley, a professional surfer and model from California went out for a bite to eat at an upscale seafood restaurant named Gulfstream. She didn’t have the greatest experience.

It doesn’t appear like she had any problem with the food or service, but she feels she was discriminated against by the restaurant staff.

As the Independent Journal Review shares, Ashley says that the staff had a problem with what she was wearing. She’s posted a photo of herself outside of the restaurant in her outfit, which consisted of daisy dukes and a tied-off white top, and she explained her side of the story on social media.

“I was just discriminated against in a restaurant for my shorts being too short. My shorts aren't too short and I think as a woman I can choose the shorts I want to wear and I don't need a restaurant to dress me and tell me what is appropriate or not,” she wrote. “Does this look like an inappropriate California lunch outfit? and they aren't even that short."

This being social media, there were plenty of users that were more than happy to chime in and add their thoughts.

"You're perfectly dressed just not for them! Plenty of fine establishments that are more than happy to serve you! Don't waste your time and money on a place that doesn't respect you!
Daisy Dukes are always welcome in the South!” shared one user. “And we have way way better ribs n que!"

Fair point. While her attire may not have been acceptable for the establishment in question, it doesn’t appear to be anything out of the norm that would raise eyebrows elsewhere. That being said, other users feel the restaurant was perfectly in the right if they raised concerns about her outfit.

"It's called a dress code, many restaurants/clubs/etc. have them. Welcome to reality. As others have mentioned, you are clearly not wearing a bra,” shared another. “The fact that everyone can see your nips probably factored into their decision, whether or not they mentioned it."

Well now. That opens up a whole other discussion that didn’t appear to be part of the original issue at all. Back to the matter at hand, the restaurant claims there’s nothing to see here.

“She was here she was never asked to leave, those are just her interpretations, which are unfortunately not true,” a restaurant spokesperson said.

Fair enough, but something rubbed Ashley the wrong way about her visit. Whether she brought that to the attention of restaurant management or not is unclear, but the vague details point to her feeling like she received the cold shoulder.

It’s also unclear why she would raise the matter on social media if she didn’t give the restaurant an opportunity a chance to straighten things out, but perhaps she was just thoroughly turned off by what went down.

Either way, there’s a whole bunch of establishments out there that will be more than happy to welcome her business, and she can now scratch this spot off of her list for lunchtime accommodations.

Source: Independent Journal Review
Photos: Anastasia Ashley/Instagram, Eater LA, DailyCaller

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