When Sunburn Leaves A Dent In Your Head, That's A Bad Thing

Despite the constant reminders and warnings that any fully functioning adult should be well aware of, the fact too much exposure to the sun without protection can leave you with a nasty case of sunburn is regularly dismissed.

Particularly bad cases are often enough of a wake-up call for folks to refrain from making the same mistake twice, but it’s still pretty surprising that they have to go through such periods of discomfort to come to terms with it.

Quite simply, bad cases of sunburn are incredibly painful, and they can lead to some pretty bad damage to your skin to boot. Perhaps this frightening story will help to drive that point home. As Yahoo shares, Cade Huckabay has gone public with his tale in a series of posts on social media, and he’s shared photographic evidence to help get his point across.

It seems that Huckabay got such a severe case of sunburn that his head swelled up.

Yes, seriously. It was so bad that he could actually make a dent in his head just by touching it.

“One time I shaved my head, got severely sunburned, & swelled up just a little bit,” he shared.

Huckabay understated things just a tad bit, as his head morphed to the point that he resembled an alien being from a science fiction flick. He notes that it was the first time that he had shaved his head, and he neglected to keep it covered when he went out in the sun for the day. That proved to be a horrible mistake.

“Since it was always covered in hair or a hat, my scalp had basically never seen sunlight before that,” Huckabay said. “Needless to say, I got it kinda bad.”

Based on the photos, it’s clear that he had a pretty bad case of sunburn. The fact that his head swelled up surely set off the alarm bells, right? Nah. He decided to brush it off.

“I knew the swelling was just from the burn, and I wasn’t having any other symptoms of something more serious being wrong with me,” he added. “I was perfectly healthy other than my head being a few sizes overgrown.”

Luckily, Huckabay didn’t do even more damage to himself. It sounds like he has at least learned one lesson.

“I’ve learned to wear a hat pretty much every time I do any kind of yard work!” he notes.

Huckabay’s post inspired the posting of war stories from other users on social media, and they felt compelled to share photos as well.

“I really feel for you dude this is day 4 of sun poisoning when i finally could open one eye,” shared one user.

“We've all been there lad,” posted another commenter that also suffered from a case of head swelling.

To recap, if you don’t protect your skin when out in the sun, you run the risk of getting a nasty sunburn. That’s something that should really be common knowledge, but that fact has yet to prove to be a deterrent for some folks. Just like Huckabay, they will learn the hard way someday.

Source: Yahoo
Photo: Cade Huckabay, Twitter

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