Student Reacts To Professor Telling Class He Wouldn't Mind Seeing Trump Dead

One Boston professor stood before a classroom full of students and admitted he longed to see President Donald Trump impeached. The professor then pushed things a little too far when he added that he actually wouldn't mind 'seeing him dead'.

One of his own students went to the media to slam her professor's comments.

Aubrey Kenderdine, a Campus Reform contributor at Northeastern University, is furious over comments made by Professor Barry Bluestone. The comments, which were originally caught on audio and posted on YouTube, allegedly captured Bluestone talking about President Trump to his class.

The professor  appears to have said, "Sometimes, I want to just see [Trump] impeached. Other times, and I hope there aren't any FBI agents here, I wouldn't mind seeing him dead."

"Here we see a respected professor advocate for violence against our president in a public forum while he’s representing my university. This is outrageous," said Kenderdine on Fox News.

According to Kenderdine, anti-Trump bias is nothing new at Northeastern. The conservative student says she's engaged in ideological discourse in classes when there was 'one against forty'. She frequently encounters liberal bias and hostility towards Trump, not just from students, but from professors.

"I wasn't surprised at all," she said of Bluestone's remarks. "I see this rhetoric on a daily basis from my professors."

Bluestone claims that he didn't necessarily mean he wanted to see the POTUS assassinated; what he meant was that he 'would have liked to see the president disappear from the White House'.

"Professor Bluestone's comments do not reflect the views of Northeastern University," said a comment from a spokesperson to Fox News. "While faculty members are free to express controversial opinions, the university cannot provide a public platform for comments that could be construed to condone violence."

"Northeastern is really big on diversity inclusion," Kenderdine continues, "but their definition of diversity inclusion does not include conservative views."

The senior says she felt the need to bring up the issue because it’s an example of a bigger problem that is taking place on campuses across the country. "Professors are using their authority and their power to advocate for their liberal point of view, and really just not allowing any other views to take place in the classroom.”

Traditionally, the ideal goal of a professor would be to teach students how to think critically; not tell them what they should think, or advocate for any specific opinion. Unfortunately, bias has crept into just about every aspect of society, including classrooms.

Instead of being encouraged to open their minds, do their research and form their own conclusions, young, easily-influenced minds are being systematically indoctrinated into a specific way of thinking that academia deems acceptable.

Kenderdine says the problem is so prevalent at her university that she’s afraid sometimes to express her views, because she fears professors will punish her for dissent and lower her grades. Many other conservative students across the country have expressed similar fears of being open with their personal political views.

Fox contributor Pete Hegseth, a former military officer and former executive director of  the political advocacy group Vets for Freedom, wondered if the economics professor made any mention of how the economy is flourishing under Trump.  

There is no word on whether the professor will be facing disciplinary action for his views.

Source: Fox News
Photo: YouTube

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