High School Student Rushed To Hospital After Eating Pot Brownies

A high school student fell ill and seemed to be drifting in and out of consciousness in the hallway during lunch on Monday. The student had to be air-lifted by paramedics to the hospital when she was found to be in serious condition.

According to teachers, she, and some other students, had consumed pot brownies. Another school reports pot brownies were distributed to elementary school students just days earlier.

The unnamed teen at Davis High School was found in the school hallway and paramedics were immediately called. Responders then called in a helicopter ambulance when they noted her condition to be serious. The teen was left 'practically paralyzed', according to reports.

The teen's condition was a result of her having consumed pot brownies at lunch. It's unclear at this time just who brought in the pot brownies, or if the girl even knew they contained marijuana.

Teachers began questioning students and found several others who allegedly ate the pot brownies. After the girl was taken away, paramedics remained at the school to check other students to see if there was anyone else who had a bad reaction to the drug.

The school is investigating the incident and trying to find the source for the spiked baked goods.

"We're still talking to a variety of students and staff members to piece the day's events together," said Becky Fortuna, spokesperson for the Modesto City School District. "I can tell you that our staff works very hard to keep students safe. Our staff received training on symptoms to look for students who have been participating in any illegal activity."

The school has not said exactly how many students may have eaten the brownies. "We know that it's a number of students," said Fortuna.

This high school incident comes just days after students at Beard Elementary School, which is close to the hospital, had a similar experience. A child allegedly brought the marijuana-laced brownies to school and passed them out to fellow students during the after-school program.

Reports say none of the younger children were seriously affected, but parents are furious by the way the school handled the situation.

"I'm furious. I'm heartbroken, because that somewhat steals the innocence of my 10-year-old child," said Kari Watkins, whose daughter was affected by the brownies.

Watkins says her daughter became very talkative, seemed 'loopy' and got a stomach ache after eating a pot brownie. The mother says the school failed to tell her about the incident, though.

"It's taken care of a lot more lightly than any other drug and I don’t feel that should be the case when it comes to our children," said Watkins.

The school has since informed parents and told them to bring any affected children to the hospital for a check-up.

At this point, the school district is treating the incidents as separate issues, but some wonder if they are related. Some have speculated that the pot brownies might have come from the same family.

"These are two separate incidents and it is absolutely alarming to have drugs on our campuses," district spokesperson Becky Fortuna said. "It doesn’t matter the grade level."

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Modesto Fire Department, PxHere, Google Maps, Canuckle/Wikimedia, Pixabay

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