Star Lets Boyfriend Sleep With Her Best Friend - Then Things Take An Unexpected Turn

YouTube is a great way for some people to make a little extra money. A lot of people will offer political discussions, give 'top 10' lists or produce 'how-to' videos, but by far the biggest audiences flock to those who post sexual content. One YouTuber's views flew off the charts quickly when she chronicled how she loaned her boyfriend to her best friend.

Lena Nersesian, a YouTube vlogger who goes by the name 'Lena The Plug', shocked her viewers when she posted a video entitled, "I Let My Best friend Have Sex With My Boyfriend."

Nersesian explained in the video that her best friend, Emily, knew everything about her sex life, so it only made sense to allow the girl to join in. Nersesian says she wanted Emily to 'try his penis' and have sex with him.

“Friends tell each other everything, so Emily has seen pictures of Adam’s d–k, she knows all about our sex life, I tell her everything," Nersesian explained. “And now, I don’t have to tell her, she can just try his penis.”

Nersesian admitted that the two had 'collabed on a penis' before, so it’s no big deal for the girls.

The boyfriend, named Adam, was all for it. He did admit, however, that he was suffering from a little performance pressure. The video shows the two girls dressed in very sexy outfits, teasing and twerking for Adam. The young man then joins the two of them in bed.

"Let me just say, I can’t even wrap my f—–g head around how my life got to the point where I’m engaging in — not only this activity in the first place — but with two girls that look like this,” he said.

The sex, of course, took place off camera. After the threesome was finished, they talked about how they enjoy the antics and discussed that they would be willing to produce a video.

Earlier that year, Nersesian teased her audience by telling them that she would release a sex tape if she got to 1 million subscribers. After the threesome video, views and subscriptions came pouring in. She got 60,000 subscribers overnight after she posted it.

Nersesian better get that sex tape planned, because she’s actually coming very close to that goal - she currently has just over 980,000 subscribers.

Not all viewers were excited over the two girlfriends sharing the boyfriend. Some people stumbled upon the video and were outright disgusted by it. People lashed out at them in the comments, calling them names like 'sluts' and 'whores'.

“Just because you talk about your partner doesn’t mean your mates all need to sleep with them to understand," wrote one commenter.

“Why the f–k are you both even proud, I’m so confused, IS THIS EVEN NORMAL?” wrote another.

But the trio is completely unfazed by their critics; especially Adam.

“That was probably one of the greatest experiences of my life," he said.

Source: New York Post
Photo: YouTube

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