Soldier Catches Wife Cheating On Him With Innumerable Men While He's Gone, Gets Sweet Revenge

A US soldier who claimed his wife was having affairs with 60 men gets sweet revenge in court, then slams her on social media.

The serviceman says his ex-wife, who he calls Thunderc**t, says he got serious revenge after she moved her new boyfriend into their home and made claims about his sexuality.

He alleges she even told her family that her husband was choosing her lovers because he didn't want to come out of the closet as gay.

Of note, the couple married shortly after they met so they could spend more time together when she started to suffer from seizures.

Getting married to him also entitled her to healthcare, and she even spent his paycheck while he was away fighting for his country. He thought they were both blissfully happy.

He began to have his suspicions when he noticed she was spending a lot of time out of the house taking her mother to doctors' appointments, even claiming she had to travel to other towns regularly.

The soldier soon started to hear rumors the car he had bought her was seen parked in local trailer parks.

The man claims her cheating was eventually confirmed by her family.

He commented: "This woman was sleeping with 60 (not even kidding in the slightest) different men, most of them soldiers. So, basically, this woman is using me as a paycheck and meal ticket, and s****ing everything with a pulse that happens to be male."

The angry husband also claims she called him and admitted cheating and said she was pregnant.

However, it turns out he was not in town during the time he conceived, so he got her to admit the child was not his.

The upset husband then moved out of the house and hatched a plan to get revenge on his slutty wife.

So the husband took his soon to be ex-wife to court, and he was awarded the car and the family home because his lawyer forced her to admit in court he was not the father of her baby.

In his social media post, the soldier sarcastically pointed out the only motion of granted by the court in her favor was a no-contact order, and the judge had told her he was doing this more for her husband's benefit than hers.

Source: Mirror
Photo: Farm Page

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