Social Media Explodes Over Priscilla Presley's Appearance During TV Interview

Priscilla Presley, 72, raised a ton of eyebrows during a recent TV appearance, but it wasn’t because of anything she said or did. Instead, many of users were quite taken aback by her appearance. As the Daily Mail shares, scores of users chimed in on social media, but reaction was relatively mixed.

Presley appeared on ITV’s ‘Lorraine,’ and she was there to discuss a new compilation featuring music from her late husband, Elvis Presley, which is scheduled to go out on tour: ‘Christmas with Elvis and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.’

The compilation and tour featuring the sounds of the King of Rock and Roll is more than enough to get people talking, but plenty of viewers were more interested in something else. Presley looked rather youthful for her age, and there were plenty of commenters that were awfully taken aback by her looks.

“Priscilla Presley what happened to ageing gracefully? #plastic,” wrote one user.

“What has Priscilla Presley done to her face.....looks like she has a scary mask on,” shared one commenter.

“Priscilla Presley looking like something from a horror movies on ITV Lorraine,” added another poster.

However, not all viewers were quite so critical.

“I know she has had a lot done but Priscilla Presley looks amazing!!! @reallorraine @ITVLorraine,” shared one commenter.

“@Cilla_Presley lovely to see you on "Good Morning" with Lorraine,' another shared. "I always listen to Elvis. Love his music #ElvisPresley,” wrote another user.

It’s been previously noted that Priscilla fell victim to some botched plastic surgery, and she has allegedly had industrial low-grade silicone injected into her face. Her spokesperson offered up some thoughts back when that little row was playing out.

“Priscilla Presley was one of many documented victims of Dr. Serrano,” the spokesperson said.

“An investigation which uncovered his misconduct ultimately lead to his imprisonment. Ms. Presley dealt with this matter years ago and everything is now well.”

Priscilla’s appearance aside, she was there for a specific reason. She would even offer up an interesting story about one of Elvis’s signature holiday hits, ‘Blue Christmas.’

“When this was released in 1957 it wasn't received very well, it was seen that it was outrageous and degrading...Now the album is revered because the teens of the day made it go to the top of the charts but parents told them they couldn't buy it,” she said. “He didn't do it on purpose but he said when he was releasing it, it would be a little rock'n'roll.”

She would also provide some insight into the differences between the persona that Elvis had in the public eye versus the one he displayed to those closest to him.

“He lived in his own world, we lived in his world, he often felt uncomfortable going out... but on stage that's the Elvis everyone saw,” she recalled.

It sounds like this will be another must-have item for those that love Elvis. As for Priscilla’s appearance, she looks to be in remarkable shape for a woman of her age.

Source: AOL
Photo: YouTube

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