Sinner In Our Midst? Horse Freaks Out At Sight Of Popemobile

When the Pope comes to town, it’s a good idea to have all of your ducks in a row. Alright, maybe that’s a bit on the extreme side, but it can’t hurt to make sure your name can be found on the good list at the time or a papal visit.

So what happens if you’re on the naughty list? Do you bust out into flames or something when the Pope comes a calling?

Not necessarily, but as this little tale demonstrates, it’s wise to be prepared for the possibility of some unusual occurrences when the motorcade of Pope Francis takes to the streets.

Pope Francis recently embarked on a two-nation trip that saw him touch down in Chile and Peru. As with all papal visits, throngs of worshippers gathered to pay their respects and catch a glimpse of the leader of the Catholic church.

After celebrating Mass in Iquique, Chile, Pope Francis hopped in the Popemobile, and his motorcade took off through the jam-packed streets. As the Daily Mail shares, one horse was completely beside itself at the sight of the pontiff.

Yes, a horse. As the Popemobile was cruising along, a police horse freaked out and reared back violently on its hind legs.

The officer that was on top of the massive horse was completely blindsided, and she was thrown off the animal. The Pope’s motorcade had a firsthand look at the frightening scene, and it quickly ground to a halt to provide assistance and check on the shaken policewoman.

Francis would stay with the woman until an ambulance arrived to provide further assistance. He was flanked by security guards the whole time, but he reportedly offered up words of comfort and consolation.

Once the ambulance arrived, the officer was placed on a stretcher and taken away. Francis and company got back in the motorcade from that point to continue their journey.

There’s no update on the condition of the woman as of yet.

That same day, the Pope would make a little bit of history, as he married a pair of flight attendants some 36,000 feet in the air. Paula Podest Ruiz, 39, and Carlos Ciuffardi Elorriga, 41, were married eight years ago in a civil ceremony, but they summoned up the courage to ask the pontiff to bless their union.

“Are you married?” he asked.

Once he understood the situation, he asked the couple if he would like them to marry them on the spot.

“Well, yes, but are you sure?” the couple asked.

“Are you sure?” a smiling Pope Francis replied.

Francis proceeded to wed the couple at the front of the plane, and Vatican spokesman Greg Burke confirms that it was the real deal.

“Everything is valid. Everything is official. We will show you a picture of the document later,” he said.

While visiting Chile, Francis held mass for thousands of people. He called on the country to remain open and welcoming to immigrants, and he also took the time to address the sex abuse scandal that has badly damaged the reputation of the church in the country.

Disturbingly, his visit to the South American country was marred by a wave of arson attacks that damaged at least ten church buildings.

Source: Dailymail
Photo: Dailymail

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