Shocking Video Shows 12-Year-Old's Birthday Gift From Dad: Strippers

A video has gone viral showing an unusual birthday party for a 12-year-old boy. The day of his birthday, his millionaire father hired strippers to entertain his son.

As the shirtless boy dances with the gyrating strippers, the father smiles and encourages the child to touch her breasts. Startling video footage of a party that reportedly took place somewhere in the U.S. had one father very proud, but viewers are disturbed and calling it child abuse.

The man was throwing a birthday party for his son and had hired strippers to perform for the boy and give the child lap dances. The birthday boy was only 12 years old.

The original video was posted to YouTube by someone who attended the party. The child's face was visible in that version, but the video has since been taken down.

The video has been recirculated with child's face being blurred out to protect his identity.

The footage shows him with two women wearing bras, panties and thigh-high stockings. One woman sits on the boy's lap, and another rubs against him from behind.

The women gyrate on the boy and rub their breasts in his face.

The young boy looks awkward, but the strippers 'help' him by taking his hands and putting them one girls' breasts. They hold them there as the stripper on his lap continues to push her breasts into his face.

In another clip, the boy is shirtless and dancing close to one of the strippers. She gyrates against him as they dance.

The father comes up behind the boy, smiling and laughing.

He encourages the boy to grab the stripper's breast. The boy puts his arms around the girl and keeps dancing.

The video was posted on YouTube and several Spanish-speaking media outlets have picked up on it, though it's unclear where it came from. The father has not been identified, but LaVanguardia.com has reported that he's an 'eccentric millionaire'.

Many people who saw the video have been outraged by it. Some are accusing the father of child abuse, while others are accusing the father and strippers of sexual assault.

People are calling for an investigation.

It's not the first time a child's birthday party was posted to YouTube that featured strippers.

A Florida woman who fancies herself a 'cool mom' wanted to treat her 8-year-old son to a stripper. The shapely woman in pink lingerie danced over the boy and his friends, twerking with her backside in his face.

The boy threw dollar bills at the woman during the performance. Other children in attendance watched the performance.

Once again, people on social media were outraged when an anonymous person posted the video. Calls flooded the Tampa Police Department, the town where the party allegedly took place, with people demanding that they launch an investigation into the incident.

Thus far, the police have not made any comments on the video, or on whether they have been looking into it.

For years it seems like kids have been trying to grow up too quickly, and now some parents, probably those who tried to grow up too quickly themselves, are eager to help their children rush along. At eight and twelve years old, kids should be watching magicians, clowns, or playing games at birthday parties.

If you must expose your child to the sex industry, do it on their 18th birthday.

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: MailOnline

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