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Shaun White Takes Gold, But Americans Are Frustrated When He Walks Off The Field

Shaun White won the Olympic gold medal in the men's halfpipe in PyeongChang, but his victory didn't quite bring as much pride to his nation as you would think. As White walked off the field, people noted that he was dragging Old Glory along the ground, and stepping on her.

It was a dramatic final round, and White's final score was 97.75. The victory was an emotional one for the three-time gold medal winner; in New Zealand, while training for PyeongChang, White crashed into the edge of a superpipe and sustained some injuries.

He came back from the incident and qualified for the 2018 team, and went on to bring home the gold for his country.

After winning, White celebrated, cheered and hugged people. While still shaken and emotional, he began gathering up his gear. Someone handed him the flag.

He changed it from one hand to the other and walked off the hill.

The flag was forgotten, and as White walked, the flag was drug through the snow behind him. On a couple of occasions, he even stepped on the flag as he made his way down the hill. Ouch.

Many fans were thrilled about the win, but upset about the treatment of the flag. Dragging the American flag across the ground and stepping on it isn't exactly proper flag etiquette, and many noted an Olympic medalist should know that.

"Shaun White just broke flag code like six times," noted one person on Twitter.

"Congrats @shaunwhite - Now can you stop dragging our flag on the ground and stepping on it, please? Show some respect," said another.

"Get our flag off the ground @shaunwhite," another Twitter user complained.

Some people mentioned that the guy should be given a break, under the circumstances.

"I’m giving @shaunwhite a pass on the flag dragging. He was super emotional, trying to gather his gear, and had a lapse in judgement. This is a one time pass. Congrats bro made us proud!!"

"Shaun white doesn’t realize you can’t drag and step on the flag but it’s all good dude is a warrior and a champion," another added.

Other Twitter users mocked those upset by the treatment of the flag.

"Tomorrow's headlines CNN: Shaun White gets redemption; wins gold MSNBC: Shaun White wins gold again! Fox News: OMG Shaun White hates America: drags flag on ground after win," one person tweeted sarcastically, taking a shot at conservatives.

"Shaun White is dragging the American flag aaalllll over the ground but i know there won’t be any conservatives outraged about it because..." said another.

The athlete later heard about the stir caused over the flag dragging, and apologized for the oversight.

"I remember being handed the flag, but I was trying to put my gloves on and hold the flag and get the board," he explained. "So honestly, if there was anything, I definitely didn’t mean any disrespect."

“The flag that’s flying up on my house right now is definitely really high up there. Sorry about that. I’m really proud to represent Team USA," he added.

The flag is not the only controversy swirling around White's Olympic win. Some claim he should have been disqualified after accusations that he sexually harassed a woman who was in his band. White called the allegations 'bogus'.

In a press conference on Wednesday night, he told reporters asking about the allegations, "I'm here to talk about the Olympics, not gossip and stuff."

Source: Yahoo, AOL
Photo: YouTube

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