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Sex Doll Brothel Owner Turns Down Customer Requests For Child Dolls And Rape Fantasies

When Sergi Prieto opened up the world’s first sex doll brothel, he had no idea how successful his business would become.

After founding his first store in Barcelona, Spain, Mr. Prieto’s business – which has experienced a huge surge in its customer base – is now considering an international expansion. However, the sex doll brothel business hasn’t been easy for Mr. Prieto, who claims that he has received thousands of disturbing requests from customers.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Mr. Prieto described how his sex doll brothels – which give customers the opportunity to dress up life-like dolls and have sex with them – cater to “all fantasies.” However, Mr. Prieto explicitly stated that there were still lines that his business would never cross.

The most common requests that Mr. Prieto turns down are rape fantasies and the usage of dolls that look like children. Unfortunately, Mr. Prieto revealed that not every sex doll brothel upholds similar standards, telling interviewers that there are “lots” of sex doll suppliers that offer child-like dolls.

Mr. Prieto clarified his stance in an interview with the Daily Star, saying: “We could do that, but we don't want to promote this kind of behavior. Some customers prefer the service because they have a rape fantasy."

"Obviously we don't want to promote this kind of activity.” Despite his strict rules, Mr. Prieto’s business model has proven immensely successful and he is in the midst of planning a regional and international expansion.

Mr. Prieto’s lifelike sex dolls have voice effects, realistic hair and customizable personalities. The doll’s body is constructed from thermoplastic elastomer – a material that simulates the temperature and texture of a human body.

Customers looking to fulfil a personal fantasy can dress up the sex doll in a range of available outfits. According to Mr. Prieto, the most popular costume choice is the schoolgirl outfit.

While this request concerns Mr. Prieto, the brothel owner allows it because the costume is only used on adult dolls.

In regard to cost, Mr. Prieto only disclosed the cost for hour and half-hour sessions at his brothel. “We offer customers a half-hour session for as little as £67, while hour-long session can cost around £83,” he said.

When the customer leaves the premises, the sex dolls are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Within an hour, the doll can be used by a new customer.

When Mr. Prieto first opened his brothel, he endured a wave of protest from the Barcelona community. In fact, the entrepreneurial Spaniard was forced to close temporarily after protests from sex workers in Barcelona’s Las Ramblas district.

Now, the brothel has been reopened and its location is only known to paying customers.

Unsurprisingly, online commenters are polarized by the idea of sex doll brothels. One Daily Mail commenter, ‘WeeTee’, angrily responded that the sex doll industry serviced disturbed individuals.

“Where does it all stop? Do they produce dolls with minimal temperature to accommodate thanatophiliacs?” he said. “These dolls are simply a money making idea filling a (marketing) niche by catering to disturbed personalities.”

Source: Daily Mail
Photo: Lumidolls

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