Semi-Truck Driver Pulls Over On Highway To Salute Funeral Procession Of Fallen Vet

During the course of the average weekday morning, our nation’s highways are packed with motorists on a mission to get to their destination on time. Whether it’s work, school, appointments, or whatever other reason, everyone has their eyes on the exact same prize.

As such, most folks will keep their eyes glued to the road and not pay all that much mind to what’s going on around them. In addition to being a source of angst and stress, the traffic itself is more than enough to hold their attention.

That’s a good part of what makes this little story so amazing. Bradley Faulkner is a semi-truck driver, so he’s certainly familiar with both traffic and the importance of getting to your destination on time.

It’s a pretty tough thing to navigate the roads in general, and that’s before you factor in all of the minor inconveniences that will pop up along the way. Whether it’s accidents, roadwork, careless drivers, or emergency vehicles that just have to get through, the best-laid plans can quickly set you behind.

Armed with that knowledge, it’s pretty easy to see how a seasoned truck driver can feel as if they’ve seen it all on the roads. As a result, the vast majority of them tend to stay pretty focused and not let these little annoyances get in the way of their ultimate mission.

However, Faulkner couldn’t help but have his attention captured by a scene he saw while he was traveling along I-70. A funeral procession was going by, and Faulkner’s attention was immediately drawn to that.

For someone that drives for a living, you would imagine that Faulkner sees plenty of processions during his time on the road. However, this wasn’t an average procession that he’s seen dozens and dozens of times.

This one was for a fallen veteran of WWII, and Faulkner knew just what to do. As Fox News Insider shares, the US Army veteran quickly pulled his massive rig to the side of the road and stopped.

Faulkner proceeded to exit his vehicle and salute the procession as it passed him by. The vet's granddaughter was in the procession, and she was so incredibly moved by Faulkner’s gracious act that she quickly snapped a pic.

She would later share a post on social media to explain how much it meant to her.

“While in the funeral procession today to Jefferson barracks to lay my grandfather to rest a man driving a truck pulled off and made honor as we all proceeded. Thank you for showing such great honor - I found and got to personally thank this man!” she wrote.

The granddaughter, Kristen Collins, was later able to track down Faulkner, who she would go on to learn had served our country in Iraq.

His wife just so happened to see the snap online - which just so happened to gain a ton of traction for obvious reasons - and they were able to connect to exchange pleasantries.

As for her grandfather, Fred Ladage, he lived to the ripe old age of 91. Ladage was married for 61 years, and he proudly served the nation in both the Navy and Navy Reserves.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and loved ones for their loss.

Source: Fox News Insider
Photo: Pixabay, YouTube

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