School Superintendent Posts Racist Comment on Facebook Page; Apologizes But Defends It

A school superintendent stirred outrage after making a comment that many believed to be racist and offensive. The Texas school official said he didn’t mean to post it and he understood how some people might have taken it as racist, but then he proceeded to quote statistics to back up the claim.

So far he says his job has not been threatened, but his future based on the comment is a little unclear.

Lynn Redden who works for the Onalaska Texas public school district is also a big football fan. When the superintendent was discussing football on a public Facebook page in a discussion about Watson’s play in which he held the ball until the clock ran out.

The superintendent went on to say that teams can’t count on black people to be quarterbacks. After getting called out for the statement, he attempted to explain it away by citing football statistics, but it only seems to be making matters worse.

Redden was online discussing the Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson on the Facebook page. Commenter Matt Erickson sent commented compla9ining about the team.

“I want to enjoy my Sundays and that’s why I NEVER watch the perpetual dumpster fire that is the Houston Texans. I seriously cannot believe people actually spend money on that garbage,” he wrote.

“Pro-tip,” he added. “Stop selling out the stadium for utter ineptitude and maybe things will FINALLY begin to change, SUCKERS.”

It was Redden who followed up with, “That may have been the most inept quarterback decision I’ve seen in the NFL. When you need precision decision making you can’t count on a black quarterback.”

Erikson saw the response and felt it was racist. He did a screenshot and sent it to the media outlet to call out Redden for racism.

“It’s important to make sure horrible words are met with consequences, especially for those in powerful positions and with influence,” Ericksen said.

Redden claims he didn’t realize he was posting on a public forum and apologized. “I totally regret it,” he told Chron.

Some don’t feel that the fact that Redden didn’t know his comments were going public makes them all the more disturbing. Adding fuel to the fire, Redden tried to defend his comments by pulling up statistics to prove black quarterbacks are historically inferior.

“Over the history of the NFL, they [black quarterbacks] have had limited success,” Redden tried to explain, citing statistics he pulled up online.

Once again the superintendent reiterated, “I wish it had never been posted.”

Redden says that he hopes no students or parents in his district have come across the post. There are over 1,000 children in Redden’s district. The vast majority of them are white.

The Daily Mail pointed out that Redden makes over $150,000 per year in his position. That is a lot to lose if people in his district get wind of the comments and take it the wrong way (or the right way, depending on who you ask).

It wasn’t just the initial comment that was poorly thought out, but the defense of the comment that could further put the superintendent in hot water with his district.

Source: Daily Mail
Photos: Onalaska ISD Website, Facebook, Deshaun Watson/Twitter

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